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LSU Football Tips


LSU football is a sport that is very popular among sports fans. This game is not only fun to watch but also a competitive sport that requires great skill from players. Whether it is the defenders or the offensive linemen, they must know how to do their job correctly. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding football.


If you are a fan of the LSU football team, you’re probably not happy with the current coach. Despite winning ten games in the first eight weeks of the season, the Tigers have lost to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ole Miss. That’s six straight losing seasons.

But now, Brian Kelly is the new head coach at LSU. A former Notre Dame head coach, Kelly was named head coach two weeks ago. He has a history of taking teams to the College Football Playoff in two of the last three years.

Before he took over at Notre Dame, he was at Central Michigan and Cincinnati. In his 12 seasons at Notre Dame, he amassed a school record 113 victories.

Goal posts

Among the swarming crowds of Tiger Stadium fans, a few LSU fanatics have managed to protect the goalposts from the ravages of time. Not only did they not tear down the goals of their dreams, but they also had the foresight to put their best foot forward.

The most notable feat is that the goalposts at Tiger Stadium have not been torn down since they were first installed in 1953. This is partly because they were deemed a worthy tribute to the history of Louisiana State University. That said, they were never paraded around town or removed from the playing field.


LSU’s first-half success has been one of the most significant factors in its recent achievements. But, the Tigers have had some difficulty in the second half. Not only did they lose to Baylor, but they fell short of their second Cotton Bowl appearance.

Aside from the Tigers failing to score, they were also penalized in the first half for illegal formations. This was because they tried to execute inverted-veer zone read plays, which did not work.

In the second half, the Tigers didn’t make any changes. Instead, they kept relying on their ground game, even though the quarterback, Jeremy Hill, was blowing up into big holes.

Replica jerseys

If you are a die-hard LSU Tigers fan, then chances are you have your eye on an official replica jersey. They are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts but are an excellent way to show your team pride. The standard model is made, for the most part, in purple, but there are a few variations on the theme.

There are several options in the LSU replica apparel game, including an all-white version and one with a splashy black trim. For the youngins, there’s an excellent purple variant for those who aren’t too fussy. So whether you are a first-timer or a veteran fan, there’s something for you.

Three-platoon system

In the 1950s, LSU coach Paul Dietzel used a unique three-platoon system. This consisted of a first-string offense, a second-string defense, and a third-string backup team that would play in the game near the end of the defensive series.

The three-platoon system was designed to keep players fresh and ready for play. However, opponents of this strategy often point out that it leaves the game less complex and claims that it reduces fan interest.

For LSU, it was the first national championship in the modern college football era. It also marked the first time a consensus national champion team was undefeated.

Third-down cheers

LSU football fans love to cheer for their team on third down. There is a long tradition of doing so. It began under former head coach Gerardo.

It continues today. Fans often line both sides of the road to watch the Tigers. They also enjoy listening to the song “Fight for LSU,” which the team performs at home games.

The LSU band has an extensive repertoire of songs. In addition to the traditional songs, the band plays the Star-Spangled Banner and Fight for LSU. These songs are played when the defense stops.

The Tigers also play the Tiger Bandits. This song pays tribute to the 1958 national championship football team. It is played when the Tigers force the opponent to punt.