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ICC World Cup Schedule


Icc World Cup is an annual cricket tournament held by International Cricket Council (ICC). Twenty teams compete in this competition. The defending champion is West Indies.

West Indies are the defending champions.

West Indies are the defending champions of the ICC T20 World Cup. But they have not fared well in the tournament’s Super 12s qualifying round. They lost to Ireland on Friday and are mathematically out of the running for a berth in the final.

The team made a triumphant return to international cricket after a five-year absence. It was their first win in a major tournament since the Champions Trophy in 2004. And it came with a new set of players and a new coach.

With the arrival of a new coach, the team has had to find its footing. However, they beat Australia for the first time in their history on the tournament’s final day.

The team had a decent start but lost both openers, Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis, in the second over. Despite a good start, the side never looked like reaching its target of 190.

Twenty teams have competed in the ICC world cup

The ICC World Cup is a worldwide sports competition held every two years. Teams will be selected from the ICC rankings. It will consist of three stages. During the first stage, the teams will play in a round-robin format.

This format is preferred by broadcasters, as it is streamlined. In addition, marquee matches are a strong draw for television viewers. As a result, the ICC has hosted seven tournaments since the first event in 2007.

ICC World Twenty20 is a two-year international cricket competition held in the year before the Cricket World Cup. Teams from Africa, Asia, and Europe will participate. The highest-ranked teams in the ICC rankings automatically qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Australia.

Since the first Cricket World Cup in 1975, six nations have participated in the ICC World Cup: England, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan.

ICC World Test Championship tournaments

The International Cricket Council organizes the World Test Championship tournaments. They are the top-level test cricket competitions that take place around the world. The matches are held between the nine top-ranked teams of the ICC: Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, and the West Indies.

The tournament’s most successful team wins the prize, which is worth a million dollars. The winner is announced after the conclusion of the championships. Currently, Australia is the leader in the standings.

Each nation will play a minimum of three matches at home and one away. Teams will score points based on their performance in a Test. If a team draws, they are awarded four points. For a win, they are awarded twelve points.

Each series has a max value of 120 points. The first cycle of the World Test Championship began on July 16, 2019. This year’s championships will last two years and feature nine teams. Those teams will play 71 Test matches in 27 series.

Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners List

The Women’s Cricket World Cup has been held since 1973. The first tournament was born in England. It was played on a round-robin basis, with each team playing twelve matches. Several countries competed in the event.

India, South Africa, Australia, and West Indies participated. India reached the final in two of its three attempts. However, the team lost to New Zealand in the final.

England won the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 1973. Similarly, New Zealand won the tournament in 2000 as host.

Five different countries have hosted the Women’s Cricket World Cup. India and England have held the event three times each. Other countries that have hosted the event are South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

The fifth edition of the Women’s WC was held in England. A record of 11 teams took part in this tournament. During this tournament, the matches were played over 50 overs. This was the first time the event was played in a 50-overs format.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is preparing the 2023 Cricket World Cup schedule. This event will be held between October and November. It is the 13th edition of the world’s most prestigious one-day tournament. A total of 10 teams will participate in the mega-event. Each team will play a minimum of three matches in the group stage. After which, the top four teams will qualify for the semifinals. Those four teams will face off in the grand final on January 29.

The ICC’s world cup schedule will include a total of 48 matches. Teams will be divided into four groups four. During this phase, each team will play at least one game daily. Some teams will even play two games in a single day.

There will be a total of two semifinals. One will be held at Sydney Cricket Ground on November 9. Another will be at Adelaide Oval on November 10.