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Lower Blepharoplasty Before and After


Lower Blepharoplasty (LBroplasty) is an eyelid rejuvenation surgery designed to reverse signs of aging in the eyelids, such as under-eye bags, loose skin, and dark circles. Through well-hidden incisions, BL performs these treatments successfully. Check out the Best info about بلفاروپلاستی.

Attaining optimal results requires the expertise of an oculoplastic surgeon. Although mild-to-moderate swelling and bruising should occur post-op, these effects should subside within weeks.

The patient, in her early 30s

Blepharoplasty can provide the ideal solution for patients suffering from excessive skin or fat tissue that creates an aged or tired appearance or issues like drooping upper eyelids that obstruct vision. It is generally recommended for adults over 35, though younger candidates may sometimes be eligible. Patients must be in good general health and nonsmokers to qualify; medical conditions that inhibit blood flow or healing could make these treatments inappropriate candidates.

This patient in her early 30s came in due to large bags under her eyes that gave her a tired appearance. We performed lower lid external approach blepharoplasty to remove them and improve her lower facial contour while using filler injections for an overall more youthful look.

Like with any surgical operation, bruising and swelling are possible after blepharoplasty, although they usually go away in a week or so. We advise patients to refrain from participating in strenuous exercise as it increases the risk of bleeding or bruising, and follow all our aftercare instructions, such as applying ointment to prevent dryness and reduce infection risk; additionally, we encourage them to avoid placing pressure on their eye area or wearing contact lenses until told by their surgeon that they are completely healed.

Patient in his early 60s

This gentleman in his early 60s wanted to get rid of “bags” under his eyes that gave him an aged appearance, so he underwent lower blepharoplasty (removing fat pads and filling deep tear troughs with fat grafting), with no visible scars remaining and an excellent cosmetic outcome. Restylane or Belotero may provide alternative approaches if surgery is too risky.

This young Asian patient suffered from puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles under his lower eye area. An awake lower blepharoplasty procedure successfully tightened and smoothed this lower eye region, thereby eliminating puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles while simultaneously giving his appearance an enhanced and rejuvenated appearance.

Under local anesthesia with oral sedation, we offer the blepharoplasty procedure at our office under local anesthesia and oral sedation; it’s quick, relatively painless, and recovery times are fast. Bruising may occur but can usually be minimized through controlling bleeding during surgery, maintaining blood pressure, and avoiding postoperative trauma like bending and straining once bruises begin fading over a few weeks. Persistent or worsening bruising could indicate excessive vascularity, which requires medical management with ice packs plus days spent indoors away from sunlight to correct.

Patient in his late 60s

This patient was bothered by bags under her eyes as well as deep tear troughs that gave her an aged appearance. To improve this, she underwent lower blepharoplasty to eliminate prominent fat pockets while simultaneously having her upper eyelid “ptosis repair” done to achieve more symmetric upper eyelids – both procedures successfully gave her a rejuvenated yet refreshed but natural look.

Middle age patient bothered by under-eye fat prolapse and hollowness (tear trough deformity) was treated with cosmetic lower blepharoplasty using transconjunctival fat redistribution to achieve more refreshed and youthful-looking eyes without altering eye shape or making them appear sunken. She underwent cosmetic lower blepharoplasty via transconjunctival approach with fat redistribution, which involved moving existing bags/fat to fill the hollow space beneath them; this resulted in more rejuvenated and youthful-looking eyes without changing eye shape or making her eyes appear sunken.

Dr. Kapadia’s primary objective for all cosmetic eyelid procedures and treatments performed is to help his patients look younger and refreshed without looking overdone. He employs several techniques for this goal, often pairing lower eyelid blepharoplasty with cheek filler injections in order to blend the eyelid/cheek junction more seamlessly.

This patient, in their middle age years, underwent upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty as well as a midface lift with liposuction. Although pleased with his results, he wanted something else done to address some drooping of the nose and chin, for which a subperiosteal facelift with rhinoplasty surgery as well as liposuction was performed.

The patient, in her mid-20s

This young lady was dissatisfied with her puffy eyes, which gave her an aged appearance, so she sought permanent solutions through lower blepharoplasty and fat grafting in the tear-trough area to provide herself with more vibrant, rejuvenated eyes.

She also had some cheek festoons that needed to be addressed, which required just enough fat removal so as to maintain smooth contours without outward bulging or hollow eyes. Dr Gittos used his artistic understanding of what beautiful eyes look like, as well as expert knowledge of eyelid structure, to determine precisely how much fat should be removed.

He used a skin pinch technique that tightened the skin around the eyes for a more youthful and energetic look, leading to reduced puffy eyes, dark circles, and eye bags, as well as improved upper and lower lid symmetry.

If your eyes are making you appear older and tired, blepharoplasty could help rejuvenate both your face and neck. As with any surgical procedure, lower and upper blepharoplasty requires careful planning and execution for maximum aesthetic effect. For an appointment at our Manhattan or Long Island offices with board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr Amiya Prasad MD FACS, contact our offices now!

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