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Long live those who choose the independent route in filmmaking.


It appears that the only films being produced by major studios these days are sequels of comic book hero flicks, remakes of legendary old movies, and adaptations of old television episodes. Most projects in today’s film industry are chosen by Wall Street rather than by some cigar-chomping studio executive sitting behind a desk on a Hollywood studio lot. It can be discouraging when you’re standing in front of an eighteen-plex movie theater and want to see a movie with a plot. However, just when you believe that innovation in the film industry has died, a creative director will come along and remind the studio executives that they ultimately rely on them for their products. Read the Best info about film and tv contacts.

The film industry is a company that primarily aims to make money. Any divergence from that notion puts a studio at risk of producing a film that “bombs” or loses money. In addition, when dealing with a massive company like Warner Bros. or Paramount, there are shareholders to consider, which makes studio executives uneasy.

When shareholders get concerned, they scrutinize their investments, looking for anything or anyone not bringing them money. So naturally, inept studio execs’ heads will roll due to this. This is why they always strive to cover their backsides with the safest investment, and you will never see them take any risks on something or someone who has not already proven to produce money.

A large studio is defined mainly by the value of its stock rather than the quality of its films. This is why it appears that large studios are artistically bankrupt these days. Financial people make decisions about making movies, not artistic geniuses like Jack Warner. Today’s films are built on various commercial themes rather than artistic ones, which explains why there are so many special effects and few storylines. Explosions and clever product placement outsell captivating stories.

When you consider how stacked the odds are against the financial success of an independent film, it’s a marvel any are made at all. It is a monument to independent filmmakers’ indomitable and creative spirit worldwide. While filmmaking is primarily a business, it will always rely on its artistic side to satisfy people. This is why creative people are driven to this sector even though the odds are stacked against them. Filmmaking is and will always be a form of art, no matter how commercialized it becomes. Artists are drawn to this industry because that is what they do; they work with many art forms.

You must recognize that when you pursue a profession in film production, you are gambling with your future prosperity. Due to the high level of nepotism in the employment process, they broke the story as a prominent player without ties. It is difficult is extremely difficult but not impossible.

A great showing at a major film festival like Sundance or Toronto is the best way for a Nobody to become a Player in Hollywood. This always results in excellent PR, which can catapult an independent career into the mainstream.

We are all familiar with The Blair Witch Project and El Mariachi. These were films filmed in the late 1990s for less than $50,000 that made the transition from the film festival circuit to the sizeable theatrical course. They were created by artists who prioritized their vision over their finances.

Persistence and an unwavering desire to make movies propelled them, and it ultimately paid off. Big studios bought their films and made millions off of them. It makes little difference that the studios made the majority of the money; the notoriety these filmmakers gained was sufficient to launch their careers in Hollywood. In both cases, the filmmakers went on to make sequels, but with substantial studio budgets supporting them financially for the second installment of their storylines. Their successes in the independent film industry served them as a springboard to the big time. It worked out perfectly for them.

It’s encouraging to see that an independent picture occasionally makes it to the big screen. Most films entered at festivals never see the bright lights of the mainstream, but it does happen on occasion. This is because dedicated and creative artists will always flock to this line of work to tell their stories, regardless of how difficult it is for them to join the significant studios’ money-making party. Nepotism cannot silence a truly brilliant storyteller. They’ll always find a method to tell their narrative.

One thing is sure: the cream always rises to the top in the film industry. Although it has recently been suffocated by commercialism, it cannot exist on money and test marketing. Creativity is the essential nutrient needed to survive. Even the most heavily laden special effects film requires creativity to build its explosions around. So every again, the big Hollywood studio bosses will open the doors to their party and invite the creative folks in, but only if their financial consultants say it’s a good idea.

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