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Lol Beans Review


Lol Beans is an online multiplayer game you can enjoy for free in your browser, featuring cute artwork and multiple servers. Read the Best info about LOLBeans.

Start by giving your bean a name you like, then find yourself in an environment full of other eager beans all vying to win like you are! Game time only lasts 25 seconds, so there is plenty of time to roam without fear of elimination!


LolBeans is an exciting racing game in which two or more players compete against one another to reach the end of each obstacle course first. Avoid obstacles, collect power-ups, and complete challenges to win the race!

This multiplayer online game provides a fun way to pass the time and is simple to pick up and play on mobile devices.

Gameplay in Bean Splat is straightforward: move your bean character with WASD or arrow keys, jump using the space bar or right-click, and customize its look by applying different skins.

This game is tailored toward children aged three to five and offers plenty of entertainment and valuable lessons about colors, numbers, and shapes.


One of the greatest draws of LOLBeans is its vibrant community of players. No matter your mood – be it to zip through city streets or pound pavement – there’s always something fun and challenging available for you to play! Plus, anyone with internet access and an interest in having fun can play for free; teams may even form to maximize chances of securing that elusive golden ticket!

Game modes

LOLBeans is a fun online game designed to be played directly in your browser, offering various game modes.

The game’s primary goal is to collect as many beans as possible while navigating various obstacles and collecting power-ups to advance.

Additionally, this game offers a multiplayer mode to compete against friends or random opponents. Furthermore, time trial or survival modes allow players to compete and earn high scores against their competition.

The game offers over 60 distinct Bean skins to unlock with sufficient coins, including Ice Cream, Mafia Ninja Astronaut Gift Rabbit skins, and unique colors you have available or opened! In addition, players can change their skin color anytime during playback!


LOLBeans is an online io game that challenges you to navigate around obstacles while racing to reach the finish line in battle-royale-style elimination gameplay. Playable with friends or random opponents across single-player or multiplayer modes.

This game is ideal for anyone seeking an immersive and challenging gaming experience on a high-resolution screen, offering hours of engaging fun!

Beans in this game resemble minor athletes as they run, jump, fall, and pick themselves back up before ultimately being eliminated from play. There are almost 60 unique Bean skins to choose from, and you can even modify your own using available or unlocked colors.

This game can be enjoyed on nearly any device – PC included!- and by people of all ages and backgrounds. It provides an enjoyable way to pass the time while having a lighthearted time with family or friends.

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