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Is STARZ Included With Netflix?


Starz offers an attractive mix of movies and shows; however, its service struggles to add new material compared to its competitors. Obtain the Best information about Starz $20 for 6 months.

Due to this decline, subscribers to the service have declined; however, efforts are ongoing by the company to add diversity to its programming, such as with P-Valley, The Serpent Queen, and Black Sails – three critically-acclaimed series created specifically for them.

What is Starz?

Starz is a premium streaming service offering a selection of movies and television shows. Available as an independent subscription and add-on services like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV, unlike its rivals, it doesn’t require a traditional cable subscription to use its service.

STARZ first launched in 1994 as a movie streaming service and quickly transitioned into an original programming lineup, offering blockbuster movies as well as popular original series such as Outlander, Power, Heels, and Serpent Queen, among other popular series such as BMF Black Sails or more classic shows such as Angela Anaconda or Malcolm and Eddie or Gunsmoke – as well as many others!

STARZ typically selects films based on licensing agreements, so some titles may only be available temporarily. Recently though, they signed an agreement with Universal to give them access to big releases from 2022 onwards.

Though STARZ provides an array of programming, its offerings don’t compare with Netflix and Hulu regarding foreign content or sports coverage. Still, it remains an ideal solution for anyone interested in premium entertainment; and features 4K streaming on most devices, including Apple TVs running tvOS 16 or higher and Amazon Fire TVs/Fire Sticks and devices running Android 5.0 or later operating systems.

How to watch Starz on Netflix

With a subscription to STARZ, you can watch original films and TV shows anywhere! Access it from smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or computers – Starz will remember where you left off when switching devices; however downloaded content only remains for a limited time before being erased from memory.

The library includes new releases and classic films from past decades, such as Spider-Man: Far From Home, Men in Black International, Wet Hot American Summer, and Pulp Fiction. There’s also an extensive selection of classic television shows like Angela Anaconda, Sanford & Son, Malcolm & Eddie Gunsmoke, and The Jeffersons available through this service.

While STARZ may not offer as many original films and TV shows as some rival services, they still feature popular series such as Party Down, Outlander, Heels, and Power.

Even though Netflix may have stolen many of STARZ’s popular shows, STARZ remains an exceptional premium streaming service worth trying for at least a few months. It offers reasonable pricing, exclusive content not available elsewhere, and a 30-day free trial to decide if the service meets your needs – plus, cancel anytime without incurring penalties!

What is the cost of Starz on Netflix?

Starz on Netflix can vary in cost depending on how you subscribe: either as an add-on or separately. When purchasing separately, its monthly cost is $9; similar services have no contracts, so they can be canceled whenever desired online. Opting for the annual plan saves approximately $30 on monthly costs.

Starz provides some quality original content, though not as many high-quality shows as Netflix does. That being said, they provide classic movies and TV shows such as Top Gun, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Spartacus, plus several full seasons of popular Starz shows like Power Heels P-Valley Outlander, Black Sails, etc, available to binge-watch!

STARZ stands out by championing diversity and representation in its original programming, such as 50 Cent’s new drama Queen Nzinga, Ava Duvernay’s John Wick prequel series, Blindspotting, and Shining Vale Season 4 releases. Their commitment to championing diverse talent may have played an instrumental role in their subscriber growth.

STARZ offers well-organized, user-friendly on-demand movie and shows sections with plenty of popular HD and 4K resolution titles and impressive device support, working across smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices, and gaming consoles (excluding PlayStation). Furthermore, their app allows for offline viewing by downloading shows and movies for later.

How to cancel Starz on Netflix

With so many streaming services competing for viewers’ attention, it can be challenging to decide on one. Luckily, most major providers offer 30-day free trials so users can test the service before committingSTARZ even offers seven-day trials!

After your trial period ends, the STARZ subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel it. If you no longer wish to use their service, canceling online or over the phone is quick and straightforward and allows access to Lionsgate movies while maintaining access.

Although STARZ doesn’t provide as much original content as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it does have an impressive library of movies and TV shows. Furthermore, this service emphasizes sports programming, boasting iconic sporting stars like Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters fame, Mary J Blige, and Snoop Dogg as TV hosts!

Starz can be accessed via web browser on a computer or mobile device, Apple TV (3rd generation and later running tvOS 9 and), Roku player 2nd gen or later, Xbox One S, and particularly 2014 and newer Smart TVs from Samsung and Sony. In addition, iOS phones and tablets with Roku apps installed or Android phones with OS 4.1 can also access it.

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