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IRCTC Train Food Service – E-Catering


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has embarked on an overhauled train food service to increase variety, enhance quality standards and speed up operations. Look into the Best info about irctc train food service.

Current measures taken by DB include placing catering supervisors and assistants aboard trains to monitor services provided, conducting random audits at base kitchens, food plazas, and premium trains, and conducting audits at base kitchens, food plazas, and base kitchens to assess quality standards.

What is e-catering?

E-catering is an innovative food service on Indian railways that allows passengers to order restaurant-quality meals for their train rides. Passengers can select meals from a wide range of restaurants and food outlets across train stations across India.

Passengers can order food through IRCTC’s e-catering website and mobile App calleAppFood On Track’ and deliver it directly to their seat or berth.

Recent announcements by IRCTC stated that they are working with well-recognized food aggregators to develop an extensive delivery network that will directly bring fresh meals from restaurants to passengers’ seats.

Catering businesses looking to operate profitably often rely on eCommerce platforms with customer experience at their core; however, these don’t provide caterers with all of the backend tools required for fulfilling orders – such as quotes/proposals/production logs/payment processing options they need to run efficiently.

E-catering in trains

IRCTC has launched an e-catering facility, enabling train travelers to order food from restaurants and outlets while traveling on trains. So depending on which train you’re riding, you’ll have access to cafes, outlets, and quick-service restaurants available on that train.

This service has been introduced to assist passengers who cannot consume enough while traveling, delivering meals directly to their seats or berths.

To use IRCTC’s e-catering facility, visit its website and select from various meals on its list before paying.

E-catering services are now available on all the major Indian railway routes, making e-catering an effective solution to travel light while enjoying a quick, nutritious meal during your journey.

IRCTC and Foodpanda have joined forces to deliver food directly to passengers riding trains. This partnership will enhance both qualities of meals served aboard trains and make eating while on the go more convenient for passengers.

E-catering menu

IRCTC offers several menus for e-catering in trains, featuring local delicacies and cuisine from popular restaurants.

Menus can be tailored specifically for passengers’ tastes and ordered online before their journey begins. Once an order has been placed, food will be delivered directly to their seat/berth onboard the train.

Passengers can select the type of food they want and the station they are traveling from the IRCTC eCatering website and app.

The IRCTApp-catering website features over 500 restaurants, such as Domino’s, Comesum, Zoop, Railrestro, Relfood, Garg Rajdhani online food delivery service, Yatri’s, and Rail Recipe – some of the most acclaimed restaurant food delivery services in India that provide a selection of Indian dishes.

E-catering tariff

For your IRCTC train food ordering convenience, all it takes to order online is to access their list of cafes, outlets, and quick service restaurants and select your meal from there. Once ordered, you can specify where it will be delivered directly.

Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, and Vande Bharat train passengers will no longer incur an additional service fee when ordering food during their journeys. Before this change, those who didn’t pre-book their meals had to pay an extra 50 rupees whenever ordering something onsite – even something as small as a cup of tea for Rs 20!

To maintain a clean and hygienic environment, IRCTC is looking to introduce e-catering services across its network of railway stations. Talks have taken place with Zomato and Swiggy regarding this potential move.

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