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Instagram Product Managers Try The Impossible


Welcome to the madness that is social networking. You know, the market area where there is nothing one day, and the next, there is a brand new billion-dollar corporation. Instagram’s tale is similar to this. This photo-sharing social media center appeared out of nowhere and was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion. So now comes the tricky part: how will Instagram’s product managers adjust things so the company can start making money…? Guide to buy Instagram followers.

Today’s Instagram World

Instagram is a mobile “app” available for both Apple and Android devices. The company’s mission statement is “… to capture and share the world’s moments…” It accomplishes this by allowing users to take images with their phone cameras and share them online.

When Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram, they did so with one goal: to help Facebook expand into the mobile market segment. Facebook was striving to gain a foothold in this rapidly growing sector.

Instagram has about 150 million active users who all like the app’s stylish, clean design, allowing them to post photographs effortlessly. However, any changes to this could force people to leave and find another app to use for photo sharing – remember what happened to MySpace?

What Product Managers at Instagram Can Do

Instagram’s product managers face a significant issue. The key to their success is to rethink their product development strategy and find a way to incorporate advertising into their app without offending or upsetting their current user base. The product managers’ initial move has been to catalog all the brand marketers now utilizing Instagram for free. This is a commendable effort; they may include it on their product manager’s CV.

Product managers are meeting with those businesses to discuss how they can make Instagram advertising more valuable. The difficulty they confront is that if the adverts on the app become too “in your face,” they risk losing their customer base.

The quantitative tools required to sell ad space successfully must be added to the product manager’s toolbox. These tools will enable companies to assess the reach and effectiveness of their Instagram advertising activities. Long-term, the goal must be to maintain things simple for end users. If they overcomplicate things, their product will not be successful.

What Does It All Mean For You?

Without question, Instagram is a tremendously popular social networking site. However, they have a significant issue: they currently need a way of making money. Facebook did not pay $1 billion for Instagram simply because they liked how it looked. They want it to be profitable. Changes are required.

Instagram’s product managers must strike a delicate balance that should have been mentioned in their job description. On the one hand, they must maintain Instagram’s clean look, which has attracted 150 million users. But, on the other hand, they must begin to include advertisements for the company to profit. One of the most challenging difficulties is that many businesses use Instagram for free to market their products.

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