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IESE Business School


IESE Business School provides top-ranked programs to strengthen your leadership and management abilities. Their focus on cultivating leaders who make a lasting positive difference for people, companies, and society makes IESE Business School one of the leading business schools worldwide.

Programs at this school are hosted on state-of-the-art campuses located in Barcelona, New York, Madrid, Munich, and Sao Paulo, and it also boasts an expansive network of affiliated schools across Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

IESE’s New York campus

The IESE New York Campus, conveniently situated on 57th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, provides various global management programs like conducting global business operations, developing leadership competencies, and strategic marketing. As well as its MBA program, this campus offers customized executive education programs designed for large US companies. Their curriculum incorporates action research theory as well as case study applications. Their students come from diverse backgrounds around the world.

The New York campus opened in 2007 and served as IESE’s North American headquarters, making it one of the largest European business schools with permanent offices outside Europe. Situated within walking distance from Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Central Park, this campus has several teaching and research centers, such as CCMN (Center for Cross-Cultural Management Network). Over time it has expanded its presence in China through partnerships with universities and businesses; Pankaj Ghemawat is a renowned international strategist – having written numerous books on globalization’s challenges! Among the IESE New York faculty is Pankaj Ghemawat, a prominent global strategist known for writing numerous books on globalization issues who has written multiple books on globalization challenges!

IESE’s innovative educational model – founded on experience-driven education and cultural exchange – has resulted in an influential alumni network worldwide who strive to make an impactful contribution professionally and socially. Furthermore, the school seeks to nurture future managers who will make an impactful difference at work and in society.

In addition to academic offerings, IESE New York Campus hosts events and conferences for current and prospective students. These events provide invaluable information on the school’s culture, academics, and alumni and help potential students understand what studying abroad means for their future career development.

IESE New York’s office is actively hiring for positions in their Managing People in Organizations Department, such as assistant professor and associate professor positions. Candidates with extensive organizational behavior and human resource management knowledge will be prioritized.

IESE’s Madrid campus

IESE Madrid campus is situated in the Moncloa-Aravaca district, comprising university campuses and Casa de Campo park. Easily reachable via public transit or car, Moncloa-Aravaca offers convenient connections throughout Madrid city center. Aravaca central station provides direct links throughout Aravaca as well as nearby neighborhoods.

Since 1958, IESE Business School has been an internationally renowned graduate business school with a mission of developing leaders who impact people, companies, and society. Students attending IESE gain innovative perspectives that make them capable of creating value and leading change – as well as benefitting from its humanistic approach and global framework that help hone strategic leadership skills and foster an atmosphere of personal accountability among its student body.

The school is also an environmental leader, featuring an innovative Executive Building with LEED Gold certification that uses 100% renewable energy, intelligent control of facilities and air conditioning units, and 40% less water consumption than typical buildings. Furthermore, this space boasts large entrances that bring natural light inside and a domotic system tracking energy use across the building.

Innovative architecture also extends to the classrooms, with open and spacious design features for optimal teaching and research results at IESE. This atmosphere contributes significantly to creating the school’s excellent teaching and research programs.

IESE students come from all corners of the globe and represent an incredible diversity. Its MBA program boasts over 350 people representing 55 nations; on average, they are 29 when matriculating; their GMAT scores range between 580-750; 85% of classes are international, with faculty representing 30 nationalities – this diversity makes IESE genuinely global!

Madrid campus boasts over 70 student-run clubs providing many professional and social growth opportunities. These groups range from the Consulting Club, which hosts workshops, mock interviews, and presentations by consulting firms as well as cultural celebrations like Diwali and Chinese New Year, to Asian Business Club, which assists job hunters in finding jobs in Asia as well as hosting cultural festivals like Diwali.

IESE’s Barcelona campus

IESE Business School of Barcelona, Spain, boasts campuses in Madrid, Munich, New York City and Sao Paulo with MBA and Executive MBA programs accredited by AMBA and EFMD. Attracting students from 57 nations around the globe, with teaching staff comprising 30 nationalities providing courses in English and Spanish; additionally, it features the FINAVES program to help bring student ideas to life and start businesses.

IESE Barcelona campus offers more than its signature MBA. There are various other programs and initiatives designed to change the world for good, such as C-Suite Pathway Program, that accelerates your path up the corporate ladder by honing leadership skills and broadening horizons – it’s perfect for high-level executives seeking to increase their impact in a highly demanding and challenging environment.

IESE Barcelona campus lies atop a 30-hectare hilltop, boasting stunning views of both Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. One of Europe’s most beautiful campuses, it features state-of-the-art lecture halls, a state-of-the-art library with the latest tech, a state auditorium seating 597 people, digital and virtual learning spaces, and garden meeting areas – making it an ideal location for business education and networking opportunities. Just minutes from downtown.

Established by Opus Dei – a personal prelature of the Catholic Church – and housed within the University of Navarra since 1958, IESE Business School prides itself on cultivating global awareness while upholding a people-focused management style through partnerships with prominent business schools in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The IESE MBA is an immersive global journey that will transform your career and bring lasting rewards. You’ll gain global business expertise and decision-making abilities that will shape your future direction. Join this 15 or 19-month journey now, and discover your leadership potential!


IESE’s Young Talent Path (YTP) gives MBA students an unparalleled opportunity to gain real business experience while pursuing an MBA degree. This program is tailored towards helping them gain a competitive edge in the job market and includes workshops and networking events designed to develop that advantage; alumni, professors, and industry leaders all provide support through this network of alumni, making this an excellent way of creating valuable business skills – which could make a great addition to their resume!

Applicants must meet minimum admission requirements and submit all required documents to apply to IESE’s Young Talent Programme (YTP). Once submitted, their application will be assessed by an admission committee which will conduct interviews via video conferences or visiting admission directors across the globe. IESE has designed its YTP to be an engaging, interactive, hands-on process that works closely with applicants during this evaluation stage.

Although no two interviews at IESE are precisely alike, most tend to be highly customized and tailored specifically to you and your application. While interviewers will ask standard MBA questions such as those seen below, they also take time to assess your motivations for an MBA and assess if the IESE case study methodology fits with you and your interpersonal skills.

IESE Business School stands as one of the premier business schools worldwide and attracts high-achieving students from around the globe. Competition for its full-time MBA programs, with both 15-month and 19-month options available, can be intense; however, its Barcelona campus boasts a reputation for creating an innovative environment and encouraging collaboration among its students.

IESE offers students a diverse array of extracurricular offerings to explore their interests. The Consulting Club hosts mock interviews and presentations by consulting firms to help prepare students for careers in consulting; Asia Business Club assists those planning on working in Asia post-graduation; while sports clubs such as beach volleyball, badminton, and tennis provide activities. Furthermore, social and cultural events explicitly tailored toward international students also exist at IESE.