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Icelandair Business Class Review


Icelandair doesn’t offer lie-flat pods in business class, yet their Saga Premium cabin provides an experience comparable to long-haul business class on other airlines. Service, food, and amenities were similar to domestic first-class offerings while their seat proved comfortable enough for five hours of flight time.


Icelandair’s business class seats are pretty comfortable, offering plenty of legroom and recline capability. They come equipped with their touchscreen monitor for entertainment options like movies, TV shows, and music – plus complimentary drinks like wine and beer! Icelandair’s business class also features spacious and comfortable bathrooms.

Saga Premium (known by some staff as “Business Class”) provides passengers with a more luxurious flying experience than economy class, including priority check-in and lounge access before your flight, priority seat upgrades for an additional fee, priority baggage handling services, priority check-in at airport security, priority luggage delivery service and lounge access before every flight.

Icelandair’s 757 Business Class may not match traditional long-haul international business class in terms of comfort; however, it still provides ample seating. The seats are quite roomy with plenty of recline, allowing passengers to find comfortable sleep on long flights. They also feature adjustable footrests to enhance comfort over economy-class seats.

Business class passengers on Icelandair enjoy an array of amenities, from premium meal service and in-flight entertainment to amenity kits filled with socks, eye masks, and earplugs. All meals are prepared by award-winning Icelandic chefs using ingredients sourced locally.

Icelandair business class passengers enjoy priority boarding and lounge access, making travel more relaxing while avoiding long lines at the gate. They also use Icelandair’s generous baggage allowance to earn frequent flyer miles faster.

Icelandair offers attractive business-class fares to and from Europe this autumn, including free stopovers in Iceland! These offers provide the ideal opportunity to see this spectacular country, especially during its quieter winter season when viewing Northern Lights is easier.


Icelandair business class may not be the most luxurious option available in the sky, but it remains an impressive upgrade over economy class. Passengers benefit from access to premium lounges and priority check-in; more spacious seats; an enhanced entertainment system; two bags up to 32kg each may be checked; in addition, passengers may bring personal items during flight time for use during their flight; lounges offer food and drinks as well as an impressive list of alcoholic beverages – these amenities make a difference when flying Icelandair business class!

Icelandair stands out as a budget airline by offering fantastic business-class flight deals to Europe, including free stopovers in Iceland. Their availability often extends across various North American cities; you can book these fares through Google Flights or directly with Icelandair’s website.

Icelandair’s Saga Premium business class doesn’t provide lie-flat beds as some airlines do, but it still provides an adequate experience for travelers traveling on short flights across Europe. The cabin can be found near the front of the plane with comfortable leather seats with 40′ pitch, power outlets and USB ports, large entertainment screens, and footrests in each back seat back.

Local chefs prepare meals on board and come in an extensive range of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Additionally, the staff is professional yet friendly and will always try to assist with any concerns or inquiries during a flight.

Icelandair business class features amenities like a full bar, free Wi-Fi access, and gate-to-gate transfers between terminals at Keflavik Airport (KEF). Furthermore, this airline provides complimentary meals, priority boarding, and lounge access; they even earn more frequent flyer points than economy passengers allowing them to reach elite status faster! Plus, there’s the generous baggage allowance – twice what economy passengers receive!


Icelandair has found ways to survive despite a challenging economic climate by offering budget-friendly fares that draw visitors to Iceland in droves, providing revenue to support island nations like Iceland. As a result, they entered 2022 in an even stronger financial position. Flying to 50 destinations worldwide and offering economy light fare classes as well as Saga Premium upgrades which offer more legroom, suitable working space, and free drinks and food options, although a business class may not lie flat.

At Saga Premium, you’ll find a small business class cabin of 22 seats onboard the Boeing 767 aircraft, each equipped with leather seating that reclines into a small bed and plenty of storage space for personal items. A footrest provides additional comfort. A video screen is behind each seat’s back for entertainment, while free Wi-Fi through Viasat is offered during their flight. However, this service may sometimes be slow and unreliable.

Saga Premium does not offer pre-arrival meal service; however, flight attendants provide a snack menu you can access throughout your journey. It includes items like instant coffee and tea and drinks like sodas, Icelandic beers, and spirits; there are even hot and cold sandwiches such as turkey ham venison pate herring sandwiches on longer flights! On certain flights, they even provide three-course meals with salad or vegetable soup, the main dish cooked to perfection, followed by dessert!

Icelandair provides more than food and beverages – they also offer onboard entertainment! Their friendly flight attendants can assist you in setting up your device so that you can stream music or movies directly onto it, and the entertainment system itself is user-friendly; its updates occur regularly and are translated into multiple languages for added convenience. They will always be happy to assist!


Icelandair provides numerous perks when booking Business Class tickets, such as priority check-in and boarding, access to their lounges, and premium dining onboard your flight – making your travels much more pleasurable! These amenities will enhance your journey experience.

Icelandair provides various fare classes and service levels on international flights, including Economy Light, Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Business Class, and Saga Premium. Each lesson provides different amenities; all passengers receive complimentary in-flight entertainment, blankets, and pillows; Business Class passengers also enjoy more generous checked bag allowances than economy passengers.

Business Class passengers are entitled to complimentary beverages and snacks onboard; Saga Premium passengers enjoy a multi-course meal. Both fares offer priority check-in and boarding and comfortable seats with ample legroom.

Icelandair provides its Saga Class cabins on some long-haul routes with a lay-flat product similar to what other airlines offer in their lie-flat beds, providing an upgrade from economy class. Saga class fares are cost-effective and often come with other business-class amenities, including priority check-in and airport lounge access.

Icelandair business class tickets provide the convenience of pre-check-in online up to 36 hours before departure, enabling you to bypass long lines and head straight for security and boarding. Depending on the route and season of travel, additional seat selection may also be available in advance.

Icelandair flights provide passengers with access to an array of onboard entertainment. Their modern aircraft are outfitted with television and movie channels, music options, video games, and other features for maximum passenger satisfaction.

Icelandair has earned itself an exceptional reputation for customer service, with friendly and helpful staff members going the extra mile to make your flight enjoyable. Their website is user-friendly and features plenty of useful information for potential passengers.

Icelandair also offers the Class Up program, allowing economy passengers to bid on upgrades for eligible flights. Prices depend on demand and availability; it may be worth the additional expense if it will bring more comfort on your trip.