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How to Watch Jake Paul Fight on TV


As an international sensation with an undefeated record after four fights, Jake Paul has earned himself the right to be considered a superstar. The 22-year-old has defied critics and redefined the combat sports world. He now faces Tyron Woodley for a do-or-die rematch. Both men will be looking to LEAVE NO DOUBT.

Showtime Boxing PPV

If you want to watch Jake Paul fight live on TV, you should consider purchasing the Showtime Boxing PPV. The card features intriguing matchups, including an NFL running back facing a knockout artist. You can also watch the event on FiteTV in the UK or SlingTV in the U.S.

Jake Paul is an undefeated fighter who is a social media sensation. In his last fight, he defeated NBA star Nate Robinson and is now looking to beat Love Island reality TV star, Tyson Fury. Fury is the younger brother of WBC Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury.

Jake Paul’s fourth pro fight will be a homecoming for the YouTube star. He will face former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in Cleveland on August 29. The fight will air live on Sling and Showtime Boxing PPV.

Streaming options

You’ll find several streaming options if you’re interested in watching Jake Paul fight Tyron Woodley. The most popular is Showtime Boxing, which deals with Jake Paul. It’s the fastest and cheapest way to catch the action. Jake Paul is a YouTube sensation turned professional boxer. He has been a controversial figure in the MMA world, taking shots at the UFC and its boss Dana White. He’s also been roasted on popular comedy shows like SNL for fighting older fighters. Despite all of this, it’s clear that people are watching Jake Paul fight.

Jake Paul’s opponent Tyron Woodley has decided to fight Jake Paul. The two have been engaged in trash talk for weeks, and now they are set to meet in a one-night-only bout. The fight is scheduled for Saturday, December 18, at 9 PM (EST). Although the pay-per-view price is $60, there are options to stream the fight for a discounted price. VPNs and other streaming services are ideal for this.

Ticket prices

If you are a mixed martial arts fan, you can watch Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley live on Showtime. To get tickets, visit Ticketmaster. The event is being held in New York on August 6. Jake Paul is the son of Disney and YouTube personality Dana White. The former Disney star is now a professional boxer; this is his sixth professional fight. His impressive record has led to a lucrative deal with Showtime.

You can find Jake Paul fight tickets at many venues in the U.S. and Europe. His debut fight in 2018 saw him knock out the YouTube personalities Deji Olatunji and AnEsonGib by TKO. Jake Paul also has fought at the 21,000-seat Manchester Arena in England, Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, and Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Preliminary fights

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA), you’ll want to know how to watch the preliminary fights of Jake Paul. The YouTube star and social media sensation are scheduled to face former MMA world champion Tyron Woodley in a one-night-only rematch. The two fought last August, which promises to be another thrilling encounter.

The fight is scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 19. The fight will air on Showtime. It will begin at 1 pm AEDT. It’ll also be available on Kayo and FITE TV.

Reaction from Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

The fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley is a rematch of the first fight, which Paul won by split decision. After this fight, Woodley agrees to fight Paul again, as long as Woodley gets a tattoo of “I love Jake.”

Paul had a 4-0 record and had knocked out all his opponents except for Woodley. Woodley hoped to settle the score and cash in on the $500,000 incentive. The fight was slow-paced, with both fighters defending against each other’s power strikes and right-hand combinations. The fight was also met with mixed reactions from the MMA community. While many praised Paul, others criticized Woodley’s performance.

Jake Paul won the rematch by knocking out Woodley in the sixth round. This victory is impressive for Paul, who had previously fought Woodley to a split decision. The fight also proved that Paul is a superior boxer compared to Woodley.