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How To Use Twrp – Find out the Best info

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How To Use Twrp – Having an Android smartphone gives you access to a wide world of third-party development. Many of the improvements you’ll see on Gadget Hacks are simple to do, but with root and Xposed, the list grows longer.

To take full use of all that Android’s vast developer community has to offer, you’ll need to learn how to utilize Twrp and install a custom recovery.

How To Use Twrp

While I can’t walk you through installing every custom recovery on every Android device in a single article, I can teach you how to make the most of this powerful tool.

TWRP’s touch-based interface simplifies complicated tasks, and many apps and ROMs interact with it to utilize it as a utility.

If you’re ready to install the recovery, follow my instructions for the simplest method to get TWRP on your smartphone, then keep reading to find out what else this powerful tool can do.

How To Use Twrp: The method and the risk

Before I let you know How to Use Twrp, you must know the methods and the risks, let’s get started…

1) Make a backup of your data.

How To Use TwrpAlthough rooting does not inherently delete your Android device, if you need to unlock the bootloader or install a custom ROM, your data will be deleted. Then, as previously indicated, there’s the risk of bricking your phone.

As a result, it is critical to back up your data. Google Backup (located in Settings > Backup and Reset) stores all your phone’s settings, passwords, and app data, although it’s restricted.

Here are some other tips for backing up your phone data:

  • Helium Backup can back up your apps together with all their data. However, it is not completely trustworthy and does not always backup as much as you would like.
  • Google Drive has a feature that allows you to preserve app data starting with Android Marshmallow. To check if you have it, go to the Drive app, Settings, and then look for the ‘Manage backup’ option. Tap here to view which applications, including their data, are being backed up.
  • Most applications have their own internal backup techniques, allowing you to manually export and restore data to the cloud.
  • If you use the ‘High-quality’ preset, you can back up all of your images to Google Drive without using any cloud storage space.

2) Rebooting to Bootloader

Go to the TWRP Devices web page on your PC, input your phone model into the box, then scroll down to Download Links, select a mirror, and download the newest TWRP image file to your PC.

How To Use Twrp – Then, launch Command Prompt as administrator, and use the ‘cd’ command to change the default directory to the location where you extracted the Platform Tools (so for us the command is cd \adb\).

Next, type the following command:

“adb reboot bootloader” is a command that restarts the bootloader.

This should force your linked phone to reboot into the bootloader.

It is crucial that the phrase ‘UNLOCKED’ displays at the top of your screen during the bootloader. This indicates that your bootloader has been unlocked, and you may now begin flashing TWRP.

If your bootloader is locked, you must unlock it using the procedures supplied by your smartphone’s OEM.

How To Use Twrp – HTC, Sony, and Motorola all provide tools on their websites that will lead you through the process, or you may follow a guide on the XDA developer’s website on how to unlock your handset’s bootloader. Unlocking your bootloader may result in the erasure of your device.

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How To Use Twrp – can it root your phone?

TWRP Recovery can be used after flashing it to install SuperSU, the program that grants you root access to your phone.

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