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How to Update Your Entryway Table Decor



An entryway table can be an excellent place to display art. You can even hang art above it, if you prefer. The trick is to make sure your art theme coordinates with the decor on your table. For example, if you have a painting of a sunset, you can use dark and light blue colors on the table to match the artwork. Similarly, a picture of a rose would go perfectly with a painting of a flower. You can also add a clock to your entryway table for practicality.

To make your entryway table decor stand out, you should choose an eye-catching piece of artwork. This can be a large piece of art or a picture of a family. If you’re decorating a dark entryway, you can also display wall art in the form of a gallery wall. However, make sure that the art you choose is in proportion to the size of your table. The height of the artwork should be at least eight inches above the level of the table so that it doesn’t crowd the accessories on the table.


Mirrors are a great way to update your entryway decor. These mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can be very functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. You can use them as wall decor or on their own for a stunning effect. Mirrors can also be designed to look like windows.

Mirrors can also be used to adorn your tabletop. A large mirror is a great focal point and can be paired with a sculptural piece of art or family photos. To use mirrors as tabletop decor, make sure to keep the size of the mirrors similar to the size of the table. The top edge of the mirror should be eight inches above eye level. If you want to use other pieces of art as table decor, keep their heights at eye level.

Stacking books

One way to add a whimsical element to your entryway table is to display a collection of books. These can be placed on a shelf or on a stand. The books can be of different colors, or they can be arranged in a pattern. If you want to add a touch of color, try placing books in ombre shades.

Stacking books on a table can give a room a cozy nook. A tall stack of books can be topped with a lamp and serve as a beautiful reading nook. Make sure that you place the tallest books on the bottom to give the stacking stability. You can also use smaller books as the stack grows taller.

Gallery wall

Using a gallery wall as entryway table decor is a great way to decorate your entryway table and provide a unique focal point. A gallery wall is composed of a variety of art pieces arranged together in an organic shape. These pieces can be placed above sofas, in stairwells, or opposite entryway console tables. You can mix and match different mediums, such as metal, glass, and wood.

Using a gallery wall above a console table is a great way to add visual interest to a small entryway. Try using photos of your favorite travel destinations or even personal items. Just make sure that you stick with a theme.


When it comes to plants for entryway table decor, there are several options that are easy to care for and will enhance the look of your home. You can go with plants with low maintenance needs, such as a snake plant, or you can try a more exotic plant such as the monstera. This plant has lovely striped leaves and looks great in the entryway. It doesn’t require much maintenance, but you should be sure to give it filtered sunlight so that it doesn’t become too dry.

You can also add an organic element to your entry table by using plants and leaf cuttings. These decorations are perfect for entryways since they don’t get much sunlight. You can also use a rustic bowl or a short stack of books to balance the height of the greenery. Having live things in your home is important because it makes your house feel like a home and shows that you live there.

Black table

Black entryway table decor can be a sophisticated way to welcome guests. Its simple, modern lines combine with touches of older elegance. The table’s long, narrow surface makes it perfect for the narrow space of the foyer. Other items that can be placed on the table include a streamlined glass-based lamp and tall-stemmed plant life in a glass vase. The tabletop may also be accented with slim white candles or silver candlesticks.

An entry table with a black top and white base looks particularly artistic when attached to a wall. A metal bottom with details breaks the monotony and adds a focal point. However, if you plan to place the table against a wall with a pattern, the combination could clash. Another option is to carve a tree trunk into the shape of an entryway table. This is a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your home.

Lucite table

When it comes to entryway table decor, a clear Lucite table can be the perfect solution. Its simplicity and lack of color make it an ideal choice for a narrow hallway. The table also allows for a dramatic painting or mirror. You can also place a basket or ottoman underneath.

Console tables are commonly found in foyers and hallways. They are typically narrow and long and provide space to store accessories. They can also be used as a dining table or to separate a living room. The clear acrylic material allows for plenty of airflows and will not block the vents for an air conditioner or furnace.