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How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost?


Each client will have different security requirements, so bodyguard costs can vary widely depending on your unique needs. Research them thoroughly before hiring one to save yourself unnecessary overspending and overpaying for bodyguard services. What do you consider about celebrity bodyguards Sydney.

When interviewing candidates, inquire about their past work experience as well as any threats they’ve been exposed to in the past. Furthermore, ask about training and certifications offered.


The price depends on your security needs and desired level of risk, with former military or law enforcement officers typically charging more. Armed bodyguards usually cost three to five percent more than unarmed ones.

Full-time bodyguard services for an individual generally start between $1,000 to $1,500 per day and can increase depending on the individual’s specific requirements, according to Abiona of Credible Security Solutions. Her services include planning routes and searching rooms or vehicles used by clients, conducting background checks, and attentively accompanying clients on daily duties.

Royalty, celebrities, politicians, top business people, and media barons often require expensive bodyguard services for protection. These elite agents typically undergo intensive training before attending refresher courses regularly. For example, a 24-hour traveling security detail for Kim Kardashian could cost approximately $1.5 Million per year, including surveillance in her home and her public appearances.


Bodyguards are highly-trained security professionals. They take their profession very seriously, disliking any negative associations associated with being known as “bodyguards.” Instead, these professionals tend to be bright individuals who can think quickly on their feet when faced with unexpected situations.

As part of our bodyguard training, we teach both the business end of the industry and its operational end (not simply taking you to the range or watching videos and exercises). Since bodyguarding can be an intense industry, we get you out in real-life situations to prepare you for real-life clients from A-Z.

Cohen provides 24-hour travel protection services. They will dispatch two agents – one to scout their intended locations while the other rides shotgun with them to ensure an effortless experience en route. This service costs an extra $90 per hour.


If your bodyguard is armed, they will require weapons training, licensing, and personal protection gear if they come under attack. Furthermore, they’ll need transportation from point A to B, and should they be traveling with valuables, they’ll have to ensure everything arrives safely at its destination.

Many bodyguards come from former military or law enforcement ranks and have been trained to respond swiftly in emergencies, while others possessing high intelligence may possess skills for de-escalating situations and making clients safer. Bodyguards take great care in planning to anticipate and eliminate risks as soon as they arise.

Before their client arrives, security agents will scout locations where they will go; search vehicles to transport them; conduct background checks on anyone who may come into contact with their client; escort their client safely to their destination while keeping an eye out for any possible threats;


Bodyguarding is a specialized field within the security industry. To become one, one needs licensing, insurance, and an appropriate training program – some private security firms even provide courses explicitly designed to prepare their members to enter this profession.

Training programs typically include military and law enforcement tactics, estate security, defensive driving skills, behavioral intelligence training, weapons, surveillance detection techniques, and surveillance detection, among other topics. They may also include basic first aid and CPR certification.

Bodyguards are hired to protect individuals like celebrities, politicians, or wealthy business owners. Bodily guards are typically armed, and their duties may include protecting them against threats and accompanying them to events. For instance, preventing tabloid reporters from stalking celebrities or helping high-profile business people get to meetings safely in busy airports. The cost of bodyguard services will depend on how much protection is necessary; more prominent individuals might require multiple bodyguards working shifts, while more discreet clients might only need one bodyguard per client.

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