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GATEWAYS Summer School


GATEWAYS Summer School provides fast-paced and enriching experiences for identified gifted and high-achieving children. Its curriculum does not cover basic skills; test scores are not required for admission into GATEWAYS.

The program caters to various students – from those needing extra assistance to those exhibiting severe behavioral issues – providing a therapeutic alternative to out-of-school suspension.

Courses offered

GATEWAYS summer school is a non-profit, community-based program established by parents. Tuition pays for teacher salaries, room rental, and equipment costs so that we can offer a high-quality educational experience at an affordable price. Students also have an opportunity to explore their interests, ranging from marine biology to stained glass classes. Our curriculum is challenging, but instructors are highly qualified. Students take up to six classes daily!

The Humanities Gateway program introduces first-year students to some of Europe’s most essential texts and ideas through an interdisciplinary core curriculum consisting of seminars in philosophy, classical studies, religious studies, history, and English – including critical concepts from antiquity through modernity.

Students enrolled in the InterArts Gateway program receive priority registration for arts practice courses taught by faculty from music, theater and dance, fine arts, film studies, and creative writing fields. Furthermore, special seminars on topics like “Art and Social Change” can also be attended.

Gateways to the Laboratory is an intensive 10-week learning program for current high school and college students from groups historically underrepresented in medicine and science to prepare them for successful careers in biomedical research and academic medicine. Weill Cornell Medicine and the National Institutes of Health proudly sponsor it.

At UTSA, gateway courses are essential to further progress in any major. Students must earn a C- or higher to receive credit for these classes; should one fail a gateway course for their chosen major, they may retake it two more times; otherwise, they must switch majors.

Gateways Summer School offers intensive enrichment experiences to students entering grades 1-12. Ideal for students with advanced skills who are eager to push themselves further, enrollment requires online registration; all registered children must use one Family Account.


Gateways Summer School gives students an opportunity to earn high school credits over the summer through its comprehensive summer course program. It enables students to catch up on graduation requirements and achieve career goals more efficiently; you can choose courses of different lengths to make your schedule fit your needs, taking multiple sessions as necessary so classes are included easily into busy lives. Students may also apply for financial aid through the Student Self-Service Portal.

The Gateways Scholarship Program pays a percentage of tuition for eligible practitioners working in early care and education or school-age child development (ECE/CD). They can use this scholarship towards earning either an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s Degree in ECE/CD, complete coursework to advance on the Great START Wage Supplement Scale, or toward Gateways to Opportunity credentialing.

Scholarship recipients must fulfill a valid work commitment period at an eligible early care and education or school-age childcare program to qualify for the scholarship, submit grade reports to INCCRRA at the end of every semester or term, and remain in ECE/CD work for at least nine months in order for it to be renewed.

Tuition at Gateways Summer School depends on both the number of credits taken and the residency classification of each student enrolled; non-residents will incur higher tuition rates compared to Wisconsin residents. Therefore, applicants should contact Admissions directly in order to ascertain their costs.

Tuition does not cover all materials and service fees such as textbooks, lab supplies, and parking permits; students can pay these either in person at the Edgewood Campus or through online registration; check the academic calendar for refund schedules.

Students living in Wisconsin who attend one of the summer orientation sessions during June can take advantage of in-state tuition rates at the College of the Holy Cross. These sessions introduce newcomers to living and studying at CHC.


The Gateway Scholarship program offers exceptional opportunities to high school students who struggle to complete traditional high school studies. These scholarships aim to get these students on track toward college with tuition, textbooks, and supplies coverage provided. Students can apply both online and in person at the Gateway office – though both processes involve extensive personal information gathering processes, which include three formal essays submitted as part of the application and used by our selection committee to make their decisions.

GATEWAYS Summer School provides an immersive, enriching experience for children entering grades 1-12. Classes are tailored to challenge students rather than cover basic skills, so parents should carefully consider which course best meets the needs of their child before selecting one.

Registration for summer courses is handled on a space-available basis, and parents are highly advised to register online to maximize their chances of finding their ideal class. Delivered or mailed registrations may incur delays as the DSS enters them into our system.

To be eligible for a Gateway Scholarship, you must work at a qualified Great START site and satisfy the following criteria.

This program offers classes designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge in specific subjects, including arts, science, and technology. Workshops for those wanting to pursue career goals are also offered through this program; financial assistance for early care and education (ECE/CD) coursework is also provided through participating colleges and universities based on funding available to each participant.

If you would like to apply for the Gateway Scholarship, first attend and complete a prerecorded info session and questionnaire, followed by scheduling an interview with one of the Gateway staff. At your consultation, they will assess your strengths, goals, motivations, and level of need for their scholarship program.

All students within one family should register under one Family Account to ensure you can easily navigate course options for each of your children and enroll them correctly in courses. In addition, this account allows you to view your child’s schedule and attendance history.


Gateways School offers students high-quality educational experiences in a safe and caring environment in Boston’s vibrant heart. Gateways’ mission is to promote academic excellence while building self-confidence through personal responsibility; its ultimate aim is to foster life-long learners who can adapt to an ever-evolving world. Mia Hyman serves as Gateways’ Educational and Behavioral Specialist, consulting with Jewish day schools and preschools around Greater Boston while training teen volunteers for Gateways’ Jewish Education Programs.

Successful Gateways applicants are highly self-motivated and disciplined individuals who aspire to bring medical research from “bench to bedside.” Students with a college GPA of 3.79 or above are particularly encouraged to apply, with those from groups underrepresented in medicine and science especially welcomed as applicants. All members from one family must register under one Family Account.