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Elgato Game Capture Cards


A capture card is a separate component that is designed to record and stream gaming footage. It is used to record gameplay, without straining the PC or console. It is ideal for those who love to record and watch gaming videos. You can find a variety of capture cards on the market. Here are a few that you may find useful:

Streamlabs Desktop

Once you’ve installed the Elgato capture card, you can begin setting up Streamlabs Desktop to use it. To do this, open the Streamlabs Desktop software. Go to the Sources tab, and then select your Elgato capture card in the Device field.

If you’re running Windows, right-click the shortcut to Streamlabs on the desktop and select “Run as administrator”. This will allow Streamlabs to access more options and give you more control. Once you’ve done this, restart Streamlabs.

If you’re using a laptop or desktop, Elgato’s HD60 S+ capture card is a good choice for you. It captures 4K at 60 frames per second with HDR, so you can enjoy games in the best quality possible. It also works well with XSplit, Streamlabs, and other streaming software. However, this capture card is a little on the expensive side.

Connecting the capture card to the streaming PC is a relatively simple process. You need to connect the capture card to the gaming PC’s HDMI output. If it’s an external capture card, be sure to install the right drivers. The setup process should take about a minute.

EVGA XR1 capture card

The EVGA XR1 capture device supports a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR and allows 4K pass-through modes. Moreover, it doesn’t require disabling the display. Furthermore, it comes with customizable ARGB LEDs. You can adjust these to create the perfect environment for capture.

Currently, EVGA offers two capture cards: the XR1 PRO. The first one is a slightly cheaper alternative, while the latter offers more advanced features. Both are available in the $50 price range. While the original XR1 is still available, it isn’t a particularly good choice for capturing 4K video.

The EVGA XR1’s controls are simple to use. In addition to the RGB LEDs, you can toggle HDCP compatibility and change the RGB settings. You can also use the EVGA XR1 with software packages for basic capture. Open Broadcaster Software and Skype are among the applications that can accept an HDMI feed.

EVGA is known for its high-end graphics cards, so it comes as no surprise that it would have its own capture device. The XR1 comes with a host of impressive features, including an OBS-certified audio mixer. It also sports RGB LEDs that show the audio level.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro

The Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro is a high-definition video capture device that can capture high-definition footage of gaming sessions. It offers 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It also supports instant game view and simultaneous H.264 hardware encoding, which results in smooth footage and easily-managed files.

The HD60 PRO features a sleek design with an all-black color scheme. It connects to your computer via USB 3.0. It can record gameplay in 1080p at 60 frames per second or 720p at 30 frames per second. It also has a low-latency output, which is helpful for streaming. Stream Command and Instant Gameview are additional features, and they allow you to edit your recordings.

Another great feature of the Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro is its ability to record audio and music. It can also record voice chat. This game capture is compatible with Xbox One and Wii U. It also includes an HDMI cable.

Elgato Game Capture 4K60 S+

The Elgato Game Capture 4K60S+ offers a powerful combination of video capture and low-latency technology. It lets you play and record 4K60 HDR console games. It can also capture 1080p60 HDR10 gameplay, making it compatible with most streaming software. Low-latency technology powers your workflow, and Instant Gameview enables you to stream in record time. Additionally, Flashback Recording preserves epic moments for post-production.

Elgato’s new 4K60S+ capture device is a game changer in content creation. It’s powerful and versatile and can be powered by an external power source. You can also connect this device directly to your PC, improving game performance. It also offers HDMI connectivity for streaming your games, and you can even connect your console to the capture device through HDMI.

The Elgato Game Capture 4K60S+ records files to an SD Card. It requires a MicroSD Card with a speed of at least V30 or UHS-3. If the card is not of this speed, the unit will display a generic error message, and it won’t record.