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Dial Direct Car Insurance Reviews


If you’re looking for a car insurance policy, you’ve probably heard of Dial Direct. This company specializes in providing affordable, high-quality insurance products. They offer home and car insurance, cashback for good drivers, and off-road vehicle insurance. If you’re looking for a company that delivers excellent customer service, look no further.

Dial Direct car insurance offers off-road vehicle insurance.

Dial Direct car insurance offers a range of products for the South African market. Its products cover a variety of liabilities for both car owners and third parties. These include comprehensive car insurance, third-party fire, theft, and off-road vehicle insurance. Its quotes can be obtained online, and you can compare different policies to find the best deal.

Dial Direct’s comprehensive car insurance is an excellent option for drivers who want the maximum coverage for their vehicle. This car insurance covers many risks and provides direct access to services such as Tow Truck Direct. This insurance also includes a monthly payback feature that allows you to get back up to 75% of the premium you paid each month. You can even get a bonus if you have four years of uninterrupted coverage.

Dial Direct car insurance is ideal for people who regularly drive off-road. Its comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused to you and third parties in a car accident and emergency help, including a tow truck. You will also receive 24-hour roadside assistance, so you will never be left in the dark about your car’s condition.

The company also offers other types of coverage. It offers vehicle insurance that includes coverage for sound systems and other optional extras. It also covers floods, malicious damage, burst pipes, and roadside assistance. It will also pay for the cost of hiring a mechanic if you have to repair your vehicle.

It offers cashback for good drivers.

Dial Direct Car Insurance has a unique program that gives its customers cashback for being good drivers. The app uses telematics technology to track your driving habits and reward you with up to 75% monthly cashback. This cashback is more significant than what you can get from other car insurance brands. This program is the first of its kind and can help you save money on car insurance while keeping a check on your driving habits. The app also lets you participate in driver challenges to earn additional cash.

The insurance plan also includes assistance benefits. These benefits are available round-the-clock and include medical advice, counseling, and help with domestic violence and sexual assault. It also covers funeral arrangements and fuel delivery. The company even has a Home Assist service that covers emergency callouts and provides a free one-hour service. You can also call the company’s 24-hour helpline for assistance in an emergency.

In addition to comprehensive coverage, Dial Direct also includes protection for your windscreen and sound system. This helps you avoid the risk of damage to your vehicle or the property of others in car accidents. It also includes assistance with towing and emergency assistance. Good drivers can even earn cashback by registering on the Dial Direct app, which is free. Dial Direct also offers third-party, fire, and theft insurance, which covers you in case of an accident and third-party property damage. You can also add sound system theft coverage to your policy.

It offers home insurance.

Dial Direct is an insurance brand owned by BISL Limited. It has over a million customers and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. Its products are regularly audited by Defaqto, an expert rating body, to ensure they are fair and provide excellent value for money. Customers can also get quotes for home insurance and car insurance.

The company offers a wide range of products, including home, car, and motorcycle insurance. Its policies include additional benefits such as breakdown assistance, legal protection for the family, and emergency assistance. You can also opt for Dial Direct home insurance if you are considering buying a home shortly.

A home insurance policy provides cover for a homeowner’s heart and house. Many insurers have standard coverage for these items, but it’s essential to ensure they cover your needs. Dial Direct Home Insurance allows you to customize your level of coverage and choose the amount of coverage that suits your needs.

Comprehensive cover is the highest level of cover. It covers losses caused by theft, vandalism, malicious damage, and fire. It also reimburses your excess if a third party is at fault in an accident.