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Argos Pet Insurance Reviews


Before buying your pet’s insurance, you should know what your policy covers and whether or not it’s the right one for you. There are three types of covers, Lifetime cover, Accident-only cover, and Non-lifetime cover. The Lifetime policy is the most comprehensive, while Accident-only cover excludes certain conditions. You should also know whether or not you can make a claim online.

Lifetime cover is the most comprehensive.

Lifetime cover from Argos is an excellent choice if you want a comprehensive pet insurance policy. It has a vet fee limit of up to PS4,000 per year and covers conditions throughout the pet’s lifetime. Lifetime cover also provides no time limits on treatment. You can also get top-ups yearly to cover the vet costs, although these will not be reimbursed until you renew the policy.

Argos has several insurance policies, but Lifetime cover offers the best value for money. This insurance policy offers cover for cats and dogs and has four levels of coverage. It is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The accident-only cover is the least comprehensive.

Argo’s pet insurance policies are available in different levels of coverage. The most basic plan is an accident-only cover, which pays 90% of vet bills. Even though this is the least comprehensive policy available, it can be helpful for pet owners on a budget.

The plan is designed for pets that are older than 15 years. It also has a relatively short waiting period for accidents and torn ligaments. It can also cover your pet’s dental treatment if it needs to be done after an accident. This policy has several limitations, including a 3-month waiting period for accident claims and a 14-day waiting period for illness claims.

Choosing a plan based on the level of coverage is essential because different policies offer different levels of coverage. Accident-only policies, for example, only cover accident-related expenses. These policies don’t cover veterinary expenses for regular wellness, such as vaccinations and checkups. If you’re unsure what coverage you’ll need, try a comparison website. Simply key in details about your pet – the microchip number and date of birth – and see which policy offers you the best value for your money.

Non-lifetime cover omits certain conditions.

Argos’ Platinum pet insurance policy offers lifetime cover for your pet, with a PS7,000 vet fee cover. The policy also has no upper age limit. However, it does exclude certain conditions, such as death by illness. Cats over 11 years of age are also excluded from this policy. Compare the benefits of Argos’ Platinum pet insurance policy with those of other pet insurance providers.

Can you make a claim online?

If you have Argos pet insurance, you can make a claim online using their easy-to-use claim form. You can even upload a PDF of the form from your device. Alternatively, you can import your form from another service. You can also add text, images, checkmarks, and symbols to the claim form to complete it. Once you have completed the form, you can print it out and send it to Argos for processing.

You can choose from a variety of different cover levels. You can get non-lifetime cover, which limits the amount paid out per condition. However, you must remember that this is not an unlimited amount, as some conditions are not covered after the limit has been reached. Another critical point to consider is the time limit. You may not want to make a claim too soon after the policy is issued.

Can you cancel your subscription?

If you don’t need your pet insurance, you can cancel your subscription by writing to Argos and asking for a refund. However, you should make sure that you send the cancellation letter via recorded post so that you can have a receipt of postage and proof that your letter was delivered. You can also get a receipt from the Royal Mail to track your cancellation process and avoid paying extra fees.

The cancellation process is simple. To cancel your subscription, go to the Argos website and follow the steps on the screen. You must enter your login ID and surname and select the settings menu. From there, you will see the ‘cancel card’ button.