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Assurance Insurance Reviews


Assurance Insurance is a reputable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and it has received numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. Its customer service standards are praised by customers, who appreciate the ability to talk to an agent and understand their policies. However, some reviews mention that the cancellation process can be complicated or that benefits may not be as advertised. This can be a cause for concern, but overall, Assurance insurance reviews are positive.

Assurance Insurance

Assurance Insurance is an online marketplace for people looking for health insurance coverage. The company offers plans from several different insurance carriers. It also offers personalized insurance advice. Customers can speak with an agent about their health insurance needs and get customized quotes online. Assurance has a wide selection of carriers and policy options, and the company’s online services make it easy to get quotes quickly.

The Better Business Bureau accredited the company and has an A+ rating. In addition, Assurance has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. The reviews from Trustpilot show that most customers are satisfied with Assurance’s high customer service standards. Customers praise Assurance agents for their ability to explain policy details to them. However, some reviews mention issues with canceling plans or not receiving the benefits as promised.

AssuranceAmerica offers an affordable insurance plan that includes coverage for high-risk drivers. This company may not be the best option for people with bad credit or traffic violations. However, it serves an essential purpose for high-risk drivers. Customers’ satisfaction reviews are mixed, but the company is still a good option for people who are looking for affordable insurance.

Another downside of Assurance is that it does not offer universal life insurance or accidental death coverage. If you need these, you should use an insurance agency that sells these products. Additionally, Assurance does not publish the insurance carriers it works with. For this reason, Assurance is not recommended if you’re concerned about sales calls.

Assurance Marketplace

Assurance marketplace is an online insurance comparison website that lets you compare insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. While it does not sell its insurance policies, it works with licensed agents to suggest carriers that are a good fit for you. Then, once you’ve found the right policy, you can apply for it online.

The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2016 and has an A+ rating. It also has an overall 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Most customer reviews mention that they appreciate Assurance’s high level of customer service. They also praise the Assurance agents’ ability to explain policies in detail. However, some customers have complained about having difficulty canceling their plans or that their benefits were not what they expected.

Assurance Life Insurance

Consumers can find Assurance Life Insurance reviews on various sites, including Trustpilot. These reviews reveal that most customers are satisfied with the level of service assurance provided. Many customers commend the company’s high customer service standards and the ease with which they can talk to an agent. They also praise the company’s ability to explain policies in detail. However, some customers have complained about difficulties in canceling plans or benefits not being what they expected.

It is essential to check the quality of customer service when comparing life insurance plans. Insurers should strive to provide excellent customer service to customers and be willing to answer any questions they might have. Checking customer reviews can help you determine whether Assurance is a company you can trust. Also, check the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ website to find out how many complaints have been filed against different companies in your state.

In addition to customer satisfaction, Assurance also offers a licensed professional to assist customers with any questions that they might have about their life insurance policy. This professional can assist you in the entire life insurance shopping process. However, you should know that Assurance requires you to provide your contact information to obtain a quote. This may be a drawback for some consumers who are wary of sales calls.

Assurance’s online platform helps customers compare life insurance policies from various insurance carriers. While Assurance does not sell its policy, it works with licensed agents to suggest carriers that can provide the most coverage for the lowest price. Assurance’s website offers instant life insurance policy quotes and allows customers to apply online.