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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Whenever Selling Your Business


I go through with interest a report associated with April 23, 2008, titled “Millions involved in local company purchase scam” published within the Christian County Headliner Information. As a certified public accountant that has symbolized buyers/sellers in business sales dealings and also as Managing Companion of Sunbelt Business Consultants – a business brokerage firm, I assumed it beneficial to write about the numerous red-flags that were present in this article. Red flags that others should become aware of and protect themselves towards as they attempt to either market or buy a business. How to find the best Flat Fee MLS Ohio?

SMALL ENTERPRISES ARE NORMALLY SOLD AS AN RESOURCE PURCHASE AND NOT A STOCK BUY. This transaction appears to have been an investment purchase and not an asset buy. This should have been one of the first substantial red flags. Small , privately held companies are almost never sold as a share purchase.

A stock purchase indicates the current owners legal entity-the company, continues on rather than the new buyer creating a brand new company. In a stock buy the new owners get every thing the sellers business is the owner of – bank accounts, receivables, any kind of potential and actual debts. This includes contingent liabilities the brand new owner may not even know about.

In addition , a stock purchase does not permit a new owner to get walked up basis of the company home furniture, fixtures and equipment. The actual stepped up basis of the actual FF&E could mean 1000s of dollars in tax savings to some new owner that would be really beneficial the first few years of possession.

A buyer walking within and immediately wanting to choose the stock of business as well as assume all liabilities, possible future liabilities – recognized or unknown and leaving behind the additional depreciation on the table is nearly unheard of.

A normal asset obtain agreement (not a stock purchase) would have generally excluded money and bank accounts of the earlier company. The new owners within an asset purchase agreement, in contrast to a stock purchase would not happen to be able to transfer funds through the company accounts. They would need to open up new bank accounts in their fresh company name.

AT CLOSING, PURCHASERS FUNDS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE. Evidently this deal closed without having confirmation or having real funds from the buyer. Absolutely no business purchase transaction ought to close without having funds accessible and present at shutting. This would be the same as selling your home to someone, closing the particular transaction, but the buyers without having loan approval yet. A person wouldn’t do it and none should sellers of small enterprises.

ALWAYS USE A QUALIFIED CLOSING LAWYER. The sale of a business ought to be closed by a qualified concluding attorney. Qualified closing lawyers will have their own space and also normally not need to use other people.

A qualified closing attorney can make sure all legal files are in order; make sure money are available to pay the seller along with file all required lawful and IRS documents. Anybody selling or purchasing a enterprise should insist upon possessing a qualified closing attorney carry out the closing. The lack of a qualified closing attorney is definitely a red flag.

USE A QUALIFIED COMPANY BROKER – DON’T GIVE IT A TRY ALONE. Not using a competent, professional business broker can be another red flag. Can business offers be completed without using a company broker? Certainly! One can additionally write their own contracts without needing an attorney or prepare their very own tax return without using the CPA, but it isn’t necessarily the neatest thing to do.

Especially when talking about someone buy of a business which is most likely one of the largest if not the biggest asset a person owns. Some thing as important as this should not be tried alone.

A qualified business agent will help educate the seller regarding the process, help establish a legitimate market price, effectively market the company, screen buyers, and help be eligible buyers, assist with negotiations, use existing seller CPA in addition to attorney, and work with final attorney and overall administration of the process and be generally there to advise the seller regarding red flags!

NEVER CHANGE THE CHECKING ACCOUNTS UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR MONEY. An additional subtle, but yet red flag could it be appears the seller changed typically the signature cards at the bank(s) and the names of the people permitted access. Even in a stock order, the current bank account holder — the seller would have to have the financial institution change the names and credit cards.

Obviously, if this did actually happen, it happened prior to the owner having funds from the purchaser. The new buyer also evidently had the “keys” towards the business before the seller had been paid the purchase price.

It is such as selling your car to somebody and agreeing to be compensated at some future date; as you watch the “new buyers” that you just met drive away into the sunset with your vehicle. You probably will never see your cash or your car.

Most small company stories like your article stay nonpublic. Just like most monetary frauds that occur in small businesses. People do not like to speak about the failures of commercial enterprise transactions but , they are occurring all the time and all across the country.

It is crucial that sellers and purchasers understand the process of selling/buying a small business, watch for red flags and utilize qualified professionals to help them along the way. Doing so will save them funds, time and effort and make for a far better business transaction.