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5 Steps to Drawing For Beginners Step by Step


When you’re a beginning artist, it’s important to approach drawing with deliberate intention. You’ll learn to draw seamlessly when you study the fundamentals and practice in a focused manner. It isn’t enough to wing it – you need a solid foundation before moving on. In this article, we’ll cover the basics to set the stage for your drawing journey.

Learn how to draw a dandelion

There are five steps to learning how to draw a dandelion, each focusing on a different part of the flower. First, outline the flower. Next, start adding details, lines, and dots to the outline. You can make the circles larger and more complex as you go along, but they don’t have to be perfect. A circle is helpful to guide you when drawing the rest of the flowers.

When drawing a dandelion, the most challenging part is getting the white flower tips to stand out on a white surface. To achieve this, use shading and light greys. Practice your technique on a darker piece of paper.

Draw a lion

You can use step-by-step tutorials to learn how to draw a lion. The first step is to determine the basic shape of the lion’s head. Male lions are usually characterized by having a bushy mane and a pronounced scalloped edge on their head. The mane is larger than the body, and there’s a noticeable gap between it and the face. Female lions are generally not distinguished by their manes.

Once you’ve decided on a basic shape, you’re ready to begin shading. First, you’ll need to look at a photo of a lion’s head from the front. Make sure the photo is clear and allows you to see the features and mane.

Draw a man’s nose

One of the first steps to drawing a man’s nose is to make sure that you’re using the right technique. The wrong technique could ruin the whole drawing. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you draw a realistic nose. First, make a small circle that’s not too large. Then, use curved lines to protrude from the top and sides of the circle. Finally, draw a horizontal line in the middle of the circle. This line should be turned into a diamond shape at the bottom to accommodate the nostrils.

Now that you know the basic shapes, it’s time to add the details. Male noses are generally more angular and shapelier than female ones. The first steps to drawing a nose for beginners include making a point of reference or a keystone. Then, adjust the angles of the tip and bridge to create the desired shape. You can also lift the bridge for a more hooked effect or a square shape.

Draw a woman’s mouth

To draw a woman’s mouth, you need to know how to draw a woman’s mouth in the correct shape and size. This facial feature can be a little tricky for beginners. There are several guidelines you can follow to draw a woman’s mouth.

First, make light marks on the lips. Study the source drawing and pay attention to the direction and thickness of the upper and lower lips. Then, create oval shapes at the lines of the mouth. Don’t rush to finish this step. You should take your time and make sure that the final drawing looks natural.

Depending on the shape of the mouth, you can use shading to give it a more realistic appearance. The shaded areas on a female’s lips will make the mouth appear three-dimensional. You can add more shading to the upper lip, while the lower lip will appear more shadowy.

Draw a snowflake

You can learn how to draw a snowflake in a few easy steps. First, draw a star shape in the center of your snowflake. Then, draw two V shapes on either side. You can also add details such as a star center.

After you have drawn the first two lines, you can draw the third line. It should be a little wider than the first two lines. Continue drawing until the snowflake looks like a real snowflake. If you’re having trouble, you can always erase the drawing and try again.

The next step in learning how to draw a snowflake is adding arms to it. You can use a ruler to check your measurements and an eraser to fix any mistakes. Once you’ve completed this step, the snowflake should start taking shape. Once it looks like a sphere, you can add more detail by modifying it based on your creativity.