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Zoho Campaigns Review


Using Zoho Campaigns is a great way to engage with your contacts and increase conversions. It offers a wide range of tools to help you create one-of-a-kind designs, send content-rich emails, and sync your communications with your CRM. You can also A/B test your campaigns and sync them with third-party services.

Create and save one-of-a-kind designs

Whether you are a small business owner, marketing professional, or an entrepreneur looking to grow your brand, Zoho Campaigns offers an all-in-one solution to help you increase your customer base. Its suite of applications provides everything from customer relationship management to email marketing analytics and gamification. You can send mass emails, create newsletter templates, and track your results. Zoho’s email templates are mobile-compatible and come with a drag-and-drop editor.

It also has many features that may not seem like the most important ones, such as its integration with other Zoho apps and third-party applications. For instance, Zoho has a mobile app that lets you preview your newsletter on various devices. The email campaigns are pre-designed and responsive, but you may need to use a third-party tool to design more advanced templates. Zoho has features you might not have heard of, like automated reminders for special occasions.

Sync contact details from Zoho CRM

Sync contact details from Zoho CRM for Zoho campaigns is a great feature that enables users to send targeted emails and track email responses. It allows users to move contacts into mailing lists and create custom workflows.

Users need to log in to their Campaigns account to sync contact details from Zoho CRM for Zoho Campaigns. Then, select the Contacts module from the drop-down menu. Zoho CRM will fetch contacts from all modules and create segments based on their status. Users can also map custom data to Zoho CRM fields during this process. Then, they can set a specific sync time.

Once the sync has been completed, the mapping fields are optional. You can add custom fields or map your accounts and Deals fields.

Sync with other third-party service providers

Using Zoho Campaigns, you can integrate with more than 300 different applications. This is a great way to strengthen your business. It allows you to manage your customer data, sales, and marketing. Zoho also covers accounting and support. Zoho Campaigns is one of the best tools for lead generation and marketing. Zoho Campaigns is also excellent for automation. It allows you to create and send email campaigns and SMS messages and poll your contacts.

Zoho Campaigns uses an HTML drag-and-drop editor, and the layouts are pre-designed. This means you can focus on your message and audience. Zoho Campaigns offers a great starter kit. It also includes templates that are responsive and easy to use. It also provides analytics and tracking, A/B testing, and data export.

Send content-rich emails

Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or just starting, Zoho Campaigns has something for everyone. It offers a comprehensive suite of apps and services, including automated workflows, A/B testing, responsive design, email polls, and SMS messages, among other features. And with a monthly cost that won’t break the bank, it’s easy to start.

Zoho Campaigns’ email marketing toolkit lets you deliver messages to the right audience. It uses a combination of pre-designed layouts and HTML drag-and-drop editing to help you quickly build your campaign. Among the features that make it stand out are automated org-level segmentation and a responsive email layout that swivels to fit your desktop.

Zoho Campaigns’ features include an interactive email poll that lets you test the most appealing content to your subscribers. A Litmus feature also enables you to test out your email on different email clients. This is particularly helpful if you’re testing mobile-optimized content.

A/B test

Using Zoho A/B test campaigns, you can send different versions of your email campaign to different segments of your target audience. You can also test your subject lines, headlines, content, and images.

You can also use Zoho Campaigns to send the best-performing email automatically. The tool can also help you monitor and manage your email frequency.

You can test different versions of your campaign to determine which one has a higher conversion rate. This can help you generate brand loyalty and increase your conversions. The tool also has an A/B split testing feature that allows you to send different versions of your campaign to different audience segments.

In addition to A/B test campaigns, Zoho Campaigns provides many other tools that can help you improve your email marketing. For example, you can track your outreach growth, and social media performance, and determine the stage of your contacts in your nurturing funnel.