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Where Can I Buy a PlayStation 5 Right Now?


If you want a PlayStation 5 console, there are multiple ways you can acquire one; but be prepared to be patient and persevere through each stage in the process. Guide on Where Can I Buy an Xbox Series X?

Retailers usually provide virtual queues to secure a PlayStation5 when it restocks, though you could also try third-party resellers like StockX (although these tend to carry higher markups).


Once thought impossible, multiple retailers have finally started stocking PlayStation 5 consoles again. Unfortunately, buying one may not be guaranteed, and even those who do may quickly sell out, but with persistence and knowing where to look, you may just find your chance!

Since its launch a year ago, PS5s have been in short supply; limited and intermittent restocks failed to alleviate the situation. But that may soon change; Sony Direct has begun regularly replenishing stock via Sony Direct Restock; Amazon invite-only events deliver fresh supply regularly; and more purchasing options have opened up generally.

If you want to purchase a console or bundle, sign up for retailer accounts and enter your credit card information beforehand. This will allow for faster checkout should your preferred option become live while protecting against scalpers and bots hijacking orders. It is also advisable to avoid using checkout fields on retailer websites as these tend to get overwhelmed during PS5 restocks – instead, use PayPal’s more robust servers, which have proven more successful at processing transactions successfully (but this method requires paying shipping charges; PlayStation Plus members don’t pay this fee). If none works, look for third-party sellers who accept PayPal, as they could also have better success fulfilling orders!


Two years after its debut, the PlayStation 5 remains a top choice among game consoles. But its high demand makes finding one difficult; fortunately, some retailers carry it regularly.

If you’re in search of a PlayStation5, be sure to keep checking retailers’ websites regularly, as many will restock online inventory before it appears in stores. In addition, sign up for their restock alerts so you’re informed as soon as a PS5 becomes available for sale.

As soon as a PS5 becomes available, ensure you have your payment card information ready; units often sell out quickly. Also, be sure two-factor authentication is enabled so your bank doesn’t reject your payment and postpone its purchase.

Recently, it has become easier to locate a PlayStation 5 in stock. Amazon and Sony Direct have regularly replenished their online inventory with PlayStation 5, but these restocks require an invitation – you can register at either retailer to gain entry. Meanwhile, you can monitor these fills for future opportunities to purchase one and sign up for either retailer’s mobile app, which tends to be more reliable during fillings than websites, increasing your odds of securing one as soon as they go live.

Best Buy

Two years since its debut, the PlayStation 5 remains one of the world’s most beloved gaming consoles – yet even restocks are selling out within minutes! Here are a few ways to increase your chances of finding one in stock.

Step one is signing up for retailers’ email lists; this will notify you when PS5 restocking occurs and allow you to purchase it before it sells out. If that sounds cumbersome, consider signing up for mobile apps instead; these tend to be faster and more stable than web browsers, helping prevent scalpers from taking advantage.

Next, regularly visit online stores and retail websites for any restocks of PlayStation 5 consoles, remembering to search across various locations for these supplies as some could be regional. Also, consider third-party marketplaces like StockX, where PS5 consoles in stock may be cheaper than buying through retailers; always read the fine print carefully when buying from third-party sellers to ensure you’re purchasing genuine Sony products that adhere to warranty or return policies and guarantee returns policies. Furthermore, have your payment card details and two-factor authentication ready when buying one – this will expedite checkout while keeping banks from rejecting payments!


Even though many online retailers are currently sold-out of PS5s, there are ways you may still get one. GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro membership grants members priority access to restock events, while Best Buy’s Total Tech members receive similar treatment in-store; premium memberships cost between $15 and $200 annually. StockX authenticates third-party resellers while providing some of the lowest prices (though markups may change occasionally). You could also try regularly refreshing product pages, checking Twitter, or using stock-checking apps to see if anything appears.

Whenever you find an available console, place your order immediately. Most retailers provide online ordering with same-day in-store pickup; Amazon also allows users to create notifications when the item comes back into stock–useful for those avoiding crowds at stores.

Signing up for the PlayStation Store’s email list can also increase your odds of finding a PS5 console, providing exclusive invitations to purchase it when it goes on sale in the future – but be prepared to pay shipping costs as this method won’t guarantee anything if not available on Sony’s website.

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