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Wheelchair Carrier For Cars


A wheelchair carrier is an essential piece of equipment that makes traveling by vehicle more manageable for wheelchair and scooter users. They easily attach to any car’s trailer hitch receiver or bumper mount. Read the Best info about خودرو بر.

There are various kinds of wheelchair carriers for cars available today – manual, electric, and roof-mounted models all boast their advantages and features.


Hitch-mounted wheelchair carriers attach securely to a vehicle’s receiver hitch and allow you to safely transport larger mobility scooters and power wheelchairs that don’t fit into trunks or backseats. Travel wherever your adventure leads you!

These car lifts come in various forms to meet your vehicle’s mobility needs and budget, from manual or electric versions that can be mounted inside or outside your car to lifts that accommodate wheelchairs or powerchairs of various sizes. Furthermore, knowing both your hitch rating and manufacturer is necessary before making a purchase decision.

Most car lifts feature ramps that fold away when not in use and can be adjusted to various positions for use, enabling them to clear tailgates on pickup trucks as well as vehicles with fold-down rear seats. They may even come equipped with winches to provide added stability when loading wheelchairs or power chairs.

Hoists and carriers are two main categories of wheelchair car lifts, respectively. Hoists use armatures that act like cranes to raise mobility devices from ground level into trunks, truck beds, or the backs of SUVs; carriers require more physical strength due to having to manipulate an armature arm manually.

Outside power scooter lifts are easier to use than their indoor counterparts because you don’t need to move or tilt your mobility device into position before lifting it. Car wheelchair lifts attach directly to a receiver hitch of any vehicle and load from either side so you can drive away with it attached.

Most wheelchair car lifts are rated to hold 500 pounds and are constructed from weatherproof materials to shield your mobility aid from rain and snow. Most can also be fitted onto most vehicles, while some come equipped with locking mechanisms to keep them secure when not in use.


Car-top wheelchair carriers are convenient devices designed to do all of the heavy lifting for you. This system attaches directly to the outside rear of your vehicle through its trailer hitch or can even be mounted directly in its bed for trucks and vans. Some models feature swing arms to transport wheelchairs from behind your vehicle, while others may place the chair right next to you in the driver’s seat.

Although many wheelchair car carriers can be operated manually, some models can also be powered with an electric motor for more effortless operation by those with limited strength or dexterity. At the same time, electric models tend to be more costly than their manual counterparts.

Many carriers feature hinged ramps that tilt down and lock into place when tilted down. They can handle up to 500 pounds, with enough capacity for almost any wheelchair or scooter. They fold away against your vehicle when not in use and feature weatherproof compartments to protect mobility equipment from rain, bugs, and road dust.

This wheelchair carrier is ideal for those who want their chair to take up minimal seating or storage space in their vehicle, keeping your wheels clean during transportation. With its modern aesthetic and functional design, the wheelchair carrier keeps things looking good while transporting.

Car-top wheelchair carriers attach directly to the top of your vehicle. Easy to load and unload, these carriers allow for smooth driving off ramps or straight into driveways or parking garages. Plus, when not in use, they can be folded up against the back for accessing trunk or hatchback space.

Some wheelchair carriers can also be modified for use on snowmobiles, motorbikes, and bicycles – saving both time and effort! Furthermore, they’re an excellent solution for people who do not wish to invest in full-scale wheelchair lifts or who want to protect their vehicle against potential damage.


If you’re searching for an easy and quick wheelchair carrier that will save both time and effort when it comes to loading and unloading your wheelchair, this product could be the answer. Lightweight yet sturdy, it attaches easily to most class III or four hitch receivers; tiltable upward for trunk access without lifting or moving the chair; foldable ramp allows easy fitting into tight spaces – the best combination!

Car-top carriers that feature motors to help lift wheelchairs into place are an ideal way to save vehicle space while not needing the strength or skill to raise it themselves. Unfortunately, these car-top carriers do not work with all wheelchairs and scooters, so specifications must be reviewed prior to making a purchase decision.

Another form of wheelchair carrier for cars is a bumper-mounted carrier, which attaches directly to the back of your vehicle and features a cradle-like platform to support and secure wheelchairs and scooters while traveling. Specific models even feature tie-down holes to provide added safety during travel; as these carriers can be pretty heavy, their weight capacity must be checked prior to purchasing one.

These wheelchair carriers for cars are often constructed of steel or aluminum and can easily attach to a vehicle’s hitch. When not in use, many fold up against the car for storage, and some even feature fold-down ramps to help load and unload vehicles more efficiently. In addition to wheelchair transport needs, they’re an excellent way to transport other wheeled devices like strollers – making them a flexible solution that meets a range of different requirements.

There are four different kinds of wheelchair lifts for cars available on the market today, and which you choose depends on several variables, such as the size and shape of both your vehicle and wheelchair, as well as how frequently they will be used. Reviewing all your options carefully with an NMEDA Quality Assurance Program Dealer can help guide your choice in an informed fashion.

Pickup Truck

If you own a pickup truck, a wheelchair carrier is an ideal solution for transporting wheelchairs or scooters in the back. These carriers allow users to transport them without taking up precious interior space inside the car and can be quickly installed onto it for convenient mobility with your wheelchair or scooter.

When choosing the appropriate wheelchair carrier for your truck, there are a few key elements you should keep in mind when making a selection. First, consider your mobility and frequency of usage of the carrier; a power lift may be ideal in this instance. Second, ensure it complies with state and federal safety standards while being compatible with your vehicle and easily capable of carrying your wheelchair or scooter weight. Finally, pick an easy-to-operate carrier that supports its weight without strain on you and your family members.

Wheelchair carriers come in various forms – hitch-mounted pages are the most cost-effective and popular. They attach directly to your drawbar or ball mount and are activated with a switch; their added flexibility means they don’t block access to your trunk!

Automatic top-loaders provide another type of wheelchair carrier for your truck, using an electric motor to lift and lower your wheelchair as you approach. They’re an ideal way of saving space while making access easier, perfect for those who can’t raise it themselves.

Crane lifts can also be installed on the side of your pickup truck for storage of wheelchairs or scooters without any vehicle modifications necessary. They’re easy for one person to operate, making this option suitable for transporting multiple wheelchairs at the same time.

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