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WalletHub – AA Insurance Reviews


WalletHub has released a review of AA Insurance. The review includes details of customer service, excess protection, and premiums. It also includes a section on the company’s customer reviews. Read on to learn more about AA Insurance and whether or not it is right for you. You’ll be glad you did.

WalletHub’s review of AA Insurance

AAA Insurance is a reputable company offering many discounts and coverage options. While its customer service could be improved, AAA scores well on other metrics, including claims and transparency. The company has a 3.2-star overall rating from WalletHub’s editors.

Customer service

If you’re looking for a good insurance deal, customer service at AA Insurance may be the place to go. The company has several products, including UK and European breakdown covers, business breakdown covers, and windscreen repair services. They also offer life and home insurance and motorcycle insurance. Customers can also get credit cards and travel currency cards. Additionally, they offer vehicle inspections and data checks.

Excess protection

Excess protection is car insurance that allows you to claim back the total policy excess on one claim in a given year. The cover protects you against unexpected expenses, such as accidental damage, malicious damage, theft and attempted theft, fire, and more. Excess protection is optional, but it can save you money. The premium for excess protection varies depending on how high you want to go, as a higher voluntary excess usually means a higher premium. However, the excess protection does not cover accidents that happen before the start of your policy.

Choosing a policy with a high excess can help you reduce your premium, but you must know how much you can afford. You will need to pay a policy excess to make a claim, often around PS100.

Financial strength

Financial strength ratings are an essential part of your insurance search. These ratings can be helpful for consumers, insurance agents, and risk managers. They also aid in meeting disclosure requirements. The financial strength rating of a company indicates its ability to meet its obligations. Companies with an Aa+ or A rating are mainly stable and can meet their financial obligations, but companies with a CCC or D rating are at risk of default.

Financial strength ratings are based on various factors, including financial reserves, claims-paying history, business focus, structure, and management style. Each rating agency uses its formula to determine a company’s financial strength. You should pay special attention to the rating difference between agencies and companies. It’s also a good idea to check whether all the rating agencies agree on a company’s rating.