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Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in India


Online survey websites are an easy way to generate extra cash without special skills or training. Select the best paid survey sites in india.

There are various top-paid survey sites in India, each providing different ways to earn money. However, before signing up with one, it’s essential that you first do some research to identify which are legitimate and which may be scams.

Opinion World

Opinion World is a paid survey website that allows you to earn money by taking surveys. PayPal and other payment methods are accepted here, as well as multiple reward options.

This site’s user-friendly user interface offers plenty of surveys – some even donating to charity! However, please remember that some surveys can take up to half an hour to complete.

It could mean spending much time and making no money on the site and may lead to your disqualification due to incorrectly answering survey questions.

OpinionWorld offers five membership levels you can advance through by engaging in activities and earning points. Bronze is the entry-level and requires signup; gold requires more actions. Retaining your status brings additional perks like higher point-earning bonuses and access to other surveys.

Panel Station

Panel Station is an online survey website that rewards members for participating in surveys with various payment options, including PayPal cash payouts.

Panel station members not only earn points through paid surveys but can also enter cash sweepstakes drawings quarterly for prizes like money, gift cards, and other valuable items.

Are You Searching For Extra Money Or Need A Way To Pay Off Bills? The Panel Station Is an Excellent Choice. Their easy mobile app enables survey-taking right from your phone or tablet!

The Panel Station hosts a monthly prize draw where you can purchase lottery tickets by exchanging anywhere between 300 to 500 points for entry tickets into a lottery pool. You can enter by completing surveys either on their mobile app or website.

Survey Savvy

MarketResearchPanel is an online market research platform that pays users for participating in surveys and offers other ways to make money, such as competitions, passively installing market research software on computers to earn passive money, and robust referral programs, and other methods of earning extra income.

Survey Savvy was established in 1999 and is operated by Luth Research LLC – a well-established market research firm with more than three decades of experience. Being a member of the Insights Association demonstrates their credentials as legitimate players in their field.

Signing up for a free account is quick and straightforward – taking only minutes! Simply provide your email address, gender, location, household members, and income data.

You will receive invitations for surveys tailored to your demographics as a member. To be selected for these surveys accurately and honestly, it’s essential that your profile be filled out accurately, and completely – rushed or inaccurate responses could result in disqualification from participating.


Lifepoints is a market research firm operated by Lightspeed that allows panelists to earn cash and rewards from taking surveys. Similar services were previously used under Global Test Market and My Survey brands.

LifePoints is an excellent option for people looking to earn extra income on the go or at home by taking surveys on both phones and desktop computers. Their app makes taking surveys quick and effortless!

One of the significant aspects of Lifepoints is its wide array of rewards, such as Amazon gift cards and PayPal funds. Plus, you can donate points to charities as a great way to give back.

Additionally, to surveys, companies like Walmart and Target often offer product testing opportunities with them as well. Though more involved than surveys, testing can still be rewarding and compensate you for your time.

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