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The Singpass App


Singpass is the most commonly used digital identity in Singapore. This app can prove your identity at government counters or scan a Digital IC barcode in kiosks. The app also has a wealth of useful information for Singpass users. To get started, download the free app. Once installed, you can use it to access government services. If you’re unfamiliar with Singpass, you can learn more about it from its FAQ website.


MyInfo is an integrated digital service platform run by the Singapore Government that stores personal information about citizens to simplify online transactions and save time. The MyInfo service enables users to open bank accounts, apply for loans and credit cards, and sign up for services at major banks without visiting a branch or uploading supporting documents. This service will be extended to other government agencies, including the Ministry of Manpower. Moreover, it can be used to update contact details and personal information.

Currently, over 80% of the eligible customer population in Singapore uses MyInfo. It improves digital transaction times, user experience, and approval rates. The MyInfo system also eliminates the need for manual data entry and verification, enabling users to access government information without hassle. Users can choose the fields to be pre-filled with data from government sources or manually submit supporting documents. The MyInfo service also ensures the security of personal information.

MyInfo API can be integrated with existing web forms. For example, the MyInfo API can be used to streamline account opening, loan applications, and investment application processes. API link-up requests are provided in the NDI Developer and Partner Portal. Developers can get detailed instructions on how to integrate MyInfo into their apps. Once they’re ready, they can showcase the applications on their website. If your project involves the integration of MyInfo, you can send a link to your developers.

MyInfo helps Singapore citizens manage their data and complete their KYC through the Singpass application. Users need only sign up for the My info service once, and Myinfo will pre-fill forms for digital transactions. The Myinfo service also allows individuals to review their profiles. In addition, MyInfo is a vital part of the Smart Nation initiative, enabling citizens and residents to complete their digital transactions more quickly and easily.

Moreover, MyInfo in the Singpass app allows users to view their MyInfo profile. After logging in with their Singpass, users don’t need to carry a OneKey token during travel. The SingPass app can be used for all transactions, from purchasing a new ticket to registering for a membership at a bank. Singpass app features include the MyInfo Profile feature, which lets users see their profile information and manage their accounts.

Two-factor authentication

The Singpass app has two types of authentication options available for users. Both allow you to provide more information than one user can provide and can ensure the security of your transactions. The first option is Multi-User SMS, the current default authentication method. The second option is called Face Verification. Both methods allow you to provide authentication information with just a few clicks. Singpass Verify is particularly helpful for form-filling transactions, as it eliminates the risk of human error.

For added security, SingPass users can also enable two-factor authentication. This is an extra layer of protection against fraud. It can be activated through a pin mailer, SMS, or OneKey token. The first option requires you to enter your username and password, while the second requires you to provide a second piece of information. The second option is the simplest method and only requires a small amount of additional information.

The next option uses your phone’s camera to scan your face. This method is very convenient as it saves time and effort. Besides, this option also protects your privacy. You will not have to worry about identity theft if you have two-factor authentication. The other option is the SMS-based method. It is available for both Android and iOS users. You can also install Face Verification on your webcam or mobile phone to ensure security. The second method uses your device’s camera to detect if you are wearing a mask.

In addition to SMS-based methods, SMS-based two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly popular with businesses. It is easy to implement and cheap. However, the disadvantage is that SMS-based 2FA is susceptible to numerous attacks. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published its Special Publication 800-63-3, which found that OTPs sent through SMS are “too vulnerable.” This was used to hack the Cloudflare CEO and has since been phased out.

Two-factor authentication for the SingPass app is an excellent way to protect your information from thieves and hackers. The SingPass app offers numerous services, including a portal that allows users to manage their account information. The SingPass app is designed to make accessing government services easier. By tapping on a button, users can gain access to selected services. Then, they can sign out to another location when they are done.

Digital identity card

The Singpass app is a mobile application that facilitates digital transactions. It features the user’s Digital Identity Card, which can be presented at government service counters and scanned by kiosks. It also includes features for privacy. Some services still require physical IDs. These apps are an ideal solution for security concerns. However, it is not yet clear what businesses and government agencies will do with these applications. The government will continue to work on technology to meet the needs of the public.

When the Singpass app was still in its infancy, fewer designers were working on it, and the small team had time to consult with each other. Today, the app is at an advanced stage, and more designers are working on it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team worked remotely. As a result, Gloria and Si Hui had to develop digital communication tools to communicate with one another.

The Singpass app is designed to be a trusted digital identity platform that can be used to access more government and private sector services. It includes digitally signing documents, retrieving the personal information, and remotely authorizing transactions. The app can be used for identity verification and is compatible with the Digital IC. It is also compatible with the digital versions of many government services. There is also a profile section for keeping important information close at hand.

Singpass uses face biometrics and has been used in government kiosks in Singapore. The most impacting application of this technology has been the government’s use of it for payment distribution at ATMs – the new technology means that the user does not have to have a bank account with the ATM operator. Since last year, more than eighty-seven thousand verifications have been carried out using the Singpass app. Singpass also features PKI digital signatures and DocuSign, commonly used to sign documents.

Singpass users can use the MyInfo service to manage their data. This service allows Singpass users to pre-fill forms for digital transactions by retrieving data from participating government agencies. It also enables users to manage their financial profile and personal balance sheet. It can also be used to verify the authenticity of government messages and notifications. It is important to note that the Singpass app will allow users to choose the privacy settings they want.

SingPass portal

Besides being a digital identity portal, the SingPass mobile app lets users log in securely and conveniently to various HR matters. As a result, you do not need to worry about forgetting your password or sharing it with others. The current password system is prone to security risks and abuse because it is easy to guess. A better password will be difficult to guess and remember, so it is best to choose a complex one.

The SingPass app can verify your identity at government agencies and scan your Digital IC barcode at kiosks. Besides, the app supports four official languages and is equipped with a screen reader. It also supports multi-user SMS 2FA and Faces Verification technologies. Ultimately, it is a convenient way to access government services, especially for those who do not have a physical identity. And if you do not have a SingPass yet, you can always sign up for one now.

Another new feature is the SingPass mobile app, which was released in October 2018. SingPass mobile app features include secure and convenient access to various government digital services. Users can view their MyInfo profile, carry out in-person identity verification by scanning a QR code, and access popular digital services through shortcuts. To date, 3.5 million users have activated the two-factor authentication (T2FA) system. This security measure allows users to access online government services using Singpass even when they are not at home.

Users can also log in via fingerprint, face recognition, or 6-digit passcode. This way, there is no need for a OneKey token when traveling. Users can also use their phones to complete transactions, such as purchasing or reserving a ticket. The SingPass mobile app has a MyInfo Profile feature, which allows users to view personal details on their phones. The SingPass app is available in Android, iOS, and Huawei operating systems.

Using the SingPass mobile app is mandatory for users who have activated SFA. If you have already registered for SFA, you must use a password and pin to sign up for SingPass. Your SFA ID will expire after 30 days, so you should renew your account within this period. If you do not complete all steps within this time, your account will be canceled. In such a case, you can simply use the SingPass mobile app to log in to your account.