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The Opportunity to Win Huawei Products


Huawei has made great efforts to this Huawei Next Image UK with a lot of awards and welfare. Before you read this post, please kindly think and answer this inquiry with your own.

  • Do you like to win some hot sell products?
  • Do you believe that Huawei technology has launched its new section promotion?
  • Do you know Huawei Next Image?
  • Do you like photography?

If you want to participate in the photography competition and win Huawei product as prize! Then, at that point, there is a way to go for it. Maybe you need the best instrument of photography and other digital product, then here is a good opportunity for you to get them free.

What is Huawei Next Image UK?

In the first place, let me clarify what the Huawei Next Image UK is Huawei Next Image UK is one of the smart product photography competition. With an easy entry mechanic and over 70 chances to win, amateur smartphone photographers, visual storytellers and so on. It is probably the ideal way for the clients to be the firmly supporter.

For your opportunity to win this astounding prize bundle, you can pay attention to this great Huawei Next Image UK photography competition by subscribe to the newsletter or search more information about this competition online. You can also see more about its specific prize in the link added in the Huawei Next Image UK for the opportunity to win the daily digital products. we are welcome you to join this competition as well as turn into a piece of our Huawei people group. As a part, you will get the most recent news refreshes, item declarations, advancements, and giveaways from Huawei. Here I would like to show you some of the prize:

Huawei Mate Pad

Huawei Mate Pad has a few differences that includes a 9.7-inch display, which can show 16.7 million colours. It also has a large memory, besides, adds to its extended storage such as
microSD Memory Card, it can support 512 GB maximum.

Huawei Freebuds 4i

Huawei Freebuds 4i can be connected to any device via Bluetooth and function as standard wireless headphones. However, you need Huawei AI Life to get all the extra features. For a tip – download it from the AppGallery or QR code on the box, because, as the company confirmed to us; Microphones perfectly detect ambient noise in the office or at home and significantly reduce it. The headphones also offer a great sound experience during calls. Freebuds 4i have a dual microphone system that reduces outside wind noise, and thanks to its technology.

Huawei Scale 3

Huawei Scale 3 also has a classical design, with good quality materials. The design of Huawei Scale 3 is a typical design of this type of equipment. Above it is a 5 mm thick tempered glass plate with white lining. There are 4 gray plastic legs with non-slip rubber bases, which make it firmly stay on your ground. There is also a slidable and detachable cover that can hide 4 AAA batteries. What’s more, the scale also can be connect with your phone.

You will find more Huawei products as the prize in this Huawei Next Image competition, just join in and win some prize for yourself.

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