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The North Face Waterproof Jacket


There are many ways to choose a waterproof jacket. For example, you can opt for the traditional style that offers a one-way water barrier or choose a longer-length coat that can be used for hiking, walking the dog, or commuting.

Membrane to give a one-way path to the water

A membrane is a secret to a good waterproof jacket. You can find these in a shawl, a jacket, or a mini backpack. The North Face is the gold standard in rain gear, so it’s no surprise they’ve rolled out a line of quality jackets.

For a high-performance alternative, check out the Rab Downpour Plus 2.0, a 2.5-layer shell with a cinchable hem, many pockets, and a hefty performance. Some of the features in this jacket are worth the price of admission.

2.5 layer stretch fabric shell

The North Face Men’s Lightriser Futurelight Jacket is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable jacket. It’s ideal for hiking and mountaineering.

The jacket is made from a 2.5-layer stretch fabric shell, which is windproof and breathable. It also has water-resistant zippers that are great for sealing in elements.

The hood on the jacket is adjustable and has a chin guard lined with microfleece. The lining is smooth and soft.

The jacket has an inner chest pocket that helps keep small valuables. In addition, there are two side pockets and an adjustable hem.

Longer-length trench coat for walking the dog, commuting, or hiking

A longer length north face waterproof trench coat is just the ticket. This is the tricked-out version of the humble garment you’ve always had at your disposal. It may also be the sexiest item you have ever sported. The requisite booze will not stand a chance. We’ve been at it for over a month and are still going strong. We’re not complaining! Unlike the ape above, we can still see the stars. One thing is for sure; we’ll never have to hurry to the slums to pay our bills!

Resolve 2

The North Face Resolve 2 waterproof jacket is a great all-around jacket. It features a breathable mesh lining, an adjustable hood, and a durable DryVent(tm) shell that helps keep you dry and warm.

Although it’s not as lightweight as some rain jackets, this waterproof jacket is great for any wet weather. A high-quality stowable hood keeps your head dry, while the 750-fill European grey goose down keeps you warm.

If you’re a severe outdoorsman, you might want to invest in a waterproof, highly compressible rain jacket like the TNF Venture 2. But if you’re more casual, the Resolve 2 might be more suitable.

Venture 2

The North Face Venture 2 is an inexpensive rain jacket that provides decent ventilation. It is a good choice for occasional backpackers and urban users.

The North Face Venture 2 is a redesigned version of the original that is updated with new style lines. It also uses a new, more breathable fabric. In addition to the new material, it has a brushed chin-guard lining. This makes the jacket more comfortable to wear.

The Venture 2 has an adjustable hood, which is excellent. However, the hood does not come with a wire brim, which means the rain will get into the hood and on your face.


If you’re looking for a waterproof jacket that’s comfortable, lightweight, and offers excellent breathability, look no further than The North Face’s FutureLight. This innovative membrane uses a nanospinning process to create a thin layer of microscopic fibers. As a result, unlike other membranes, FUTURE LIGHT allows for better breathability to keep your jacket on through even the hottest days.

The FUTURE LIGHT fabric is also more durable than other waterproof membranes. It’s made of polyester fibers, and it features a three-layer construction.

The fabric’s ultra-thin structure makes it very flexible. Because of this, it can adapt to the needs of different activities.