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The Jungalow – A Bohemian Lifestyle Blog by Justina Blakeney


The Jungalow is an iconic blog with a broad reach that leverages various monetization strategies to generate income, including sponsored posts and collaborations with high-end brands targeting specific demographics.

Justina Blakeney is the founder of Jungalow Blog and is known for her vibrant boho design style that incorporates leafy motifs and rich hues. Justina’s Jungalow home collection includes furniture, case goods, rugs, pillows, and bedding.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is an eclectic synthesis of styles, colors, and textures. It incorporates nature-inspired themes like leaves and flowers with various patterns to bring out its aesthetic beauty in your home. Boho can add an artistic and creative flare to your space!

Justina Blakeney is an award-winning designer and blogger known for her kind and adventurous spirit. Her blog The Jungalow (“wild like the jungle but cozy like a bungalow”) has garnered widespread acclaim on Instagram and Pinterest, and her book The New Bohemians – Cool and Collected Homes showcases 20 homes with different boho themes as well as DIY projects and design tips.

Earning the potential of bohemian lifestyle blogs depends on several factors, including niche selection, audience engagement, and ability to attract advertisers. A unique selling proposition (USP) should help distinguish you from competitors and attract new readers and clients more readily; its purpose should be to showcase the benefits offered to your target audience and stand out against rival sites.

Blakeney believes the cornerstone of Jungalow’s style is “no rules.” As an acclaimed bestselling author and product designer, she embraces bold prints, layers of texture, vibrant hues, plants upon plants upon plants, and an eclectic aesthetic in her home that features terracotta-colored walls with palm tree embroidered draperies and pencil rattan sofas, as well as exotic trinkets such as African fertility dolls, Moroccan pottery from her travels along with plenty of greenery from nature.

The bohemian design style is perfect for anyone who wishes to create an inviting space that serves as an escape from daily life while at the same time living a sustainable lifestyle and reducing their environmental footprint. Boho design style has also gained immense popularity throughout Australia and North America, where it is often referred to as hipster or “artist-friendly.”

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Interior design

Jungalow style decorating is defined by bold colors, botanical prints, and layer textiles in multiple tones and textures. Worldly accent pieces and unique thrift finds may also be added to this aesthetic – perfect for gardeners wanting to incorporate their hobby into home decor!

Justina Blakeney is an award-winning writer, designer, author, and entrepreneur specializing in color, pattern, and plants. Her lifestyle blog and multi-million-dollar design empire, The Jungalow, is a testament to her intuitive design approach and boho chic’s popularity.

Blakeney has several exciting projects underway this year. She will launch several collections with Loloi Rug & Pillow Collection, Hygge & West Wallpaper Line, Wedding Paper Divas Stationery Line, and Selamat Furniture, as well as work on her second book project – while still managing to find time for family life! With such an ambitious workload comes an equally demanding schedule: Blakeney keeps herself balanced by spending quality time with both husband and daughter.

Blakeney is widely celebrated for her signature Jungalow style, which blends warm textures with bohemian design elements like patterns and color to add character and charm to any space. Blakeney draws her inspiration from global travels and nature-themed decor to craft this look; her design philosophy centers around filling your home with objects that represent who you are as an individual.

Jungalow is a new design trend that draws upon elements of both jungle and bungalow styles to create a look inspired by nature, featuring bright colors, patterns, and textures that mark its aesthetic aspects. This style has quickly become incredibly popular among those who appreciate decorating using bold hues.

Assembling a Jungalow can be daunting, but it can become a beautiful and cozy home with the proper resources and planning. Start by selecting a color palette that complements your taste; follow select furnishings that compliment that hue; finally, complete your room by adding touches of greenery.

Unleash your inner gypsy and create a jungle in your own home. You can incorporate this aesthetic from plant-inspired wallpaper to boho throw pillows in various ways. Be sure to choose natural lighting and earthy tones so your bungalow comes to life!

DIY projects

The Jungalow design trend is rapidly taking hold around the globe. It features laid-back decor with bold botanical prints, layered textiles, and indoor plants. Social media star Justina Blakeney created this term. It focused on adding boho flair to modern homes, with her blog as an invaluable source for ideas and merchandise to help make your own jungle-inspired living space.

To add Jungalow decor to your home, experiment with mixing patterns. Bold floral or leaf-themed wallpaper and accent pillows are signature components of this style, while fabric wall hangings or curtains can add subtle touches of design to a room. Furthermore, large-scale tropical prints may also work.

Consider incorporating vintage pieces and repurposing them to add an edge to your Jungalow. You could transform an antique wooden cabinet into a coffee table or dresser. Reupholster chairs or sofas to give them new life while thrift stores or flea markets may provide even more pieces that can be reused – perhaps you even found a vintage rattan lamp off Craigslist that could be combined with a Pottery Barn tray as one piece!

Your jungle bungalow will feel more relaxing with the right plants! Plant small trees or cacti in decorative pots; add hanging baskets of greenery or plant herbs in window boxes – anything will help add life and make the atmosphere of your home fresher and cleaner! Plus, adding greenery will improve air quality and boost the air quality while making your home smell great!

Jungalow decor is simple and beautiful in any home, perfect for showing off your individuality while being affordable and eco-friendly. Just remember to balance greenery with other elements – don’t overdo it.

Justina Blakeney’s The Jungalow blog offers bohemian lifestyle content such as home decor, furniture, stationery, children’s products, and travel guides – as well as being used to publish her best-selling design books. With its success came a full-scale design brand featuring bedding with hand-painted patterns created by Blakeney herself!


The Jungalow is a popular bohemian lifestyle blog managed by designer and artist Justina Blakeney. The platform provides home decor ideas, DIY tutorials, travel inspiration, sponsored content creation, and affiliate marketing as monetization strategies. However, bloggers must choose the method most relevant to their target audience and brand.

Blakeney’s bungalow style draws heavily on her travels around the globe, so it was only natural for her to create her luggage and travel accessories collection available at Target. Blakeney hopes her collection will encourage others to add boho flair into everyday life by adding luggage that embodies that aesthetic.

Jungalow decorating style incorporates vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, exotic plants, and playful textures into its bohemian aesthetic. Inspired by nature and celebrating diverse cultures, bungalow decor is ideal for anyone who prefers rattan furniture, vintage-inspired wallpaper, and earthy tones in their set.

Jungalow living is about creativity and self-expression; it’s about feeling free to express who you are in a safe space that encourages following intuition and trusting instincts, finding peace and comfort along the way.

Blakeney has built her brand by remaining true to herself while offering eye-catching visuals. Her success has resulted in multiple books, an award-winning fashion line, and an interior design studio. Jungalow: Decorate Wild provides creative inspiration as well as easy decorating tips.

Bloggers can generate considerable income using various monetization strategies, such as sponsored posts and brand collaborations. Partnerships between brands and bloggers typically depend on engagement metrics and reach, with blocks normally ranging from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Furthermore, bloggers frequently utilize affiliate marketing programs to receive a commission on sales via their links, significantly increasing a blog’s earning potential.