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The best way to Write a Sales Letter That Obtains Results


Here’s a simple eight-part formula for how to complete a sales letter that gets effects. You must first realize that all tools are created to solve a problem. And you ought to have this problem — and it affects your possible customer — firmly in your thoughts before you start to write.

The pre-headline:

If you wanted to attract the eye of your buddy in a congested room, what would you carry out? I guess you’d shout his or her name. And the chances are, however, be alerted by his or her name being called, and also you two would make contact.

In the same way, you make contact with your current ideal prospect — certainly not by calling his label, of course — but by using a pre-headline to say, in essence: “Hey, this is for YOU”.

The subject:

Once you’ve signaled who your current sales letter is for, you need to rivet your prospect’s attention.

There is a lot of misinformation concerning headlines. Contrary to popular belief, headlines should never attempt to sell the product. These are merely there to sell the concept of reading at the beginning of the page.

Have you ever seen that Oscar-winning movie, “The Sting”, starring Robert Redford as well as the late, great Paul Newman? It concerned a couple of fellas getting revenge on several heavy-duty gangsters, who had slain their buddy.

The movie has been conveniently split into several chapters and the part that starts that rolling is called “The Hook”. And that’s precisely the purpose of the particular headline — to catch your prospect. Then when you have them on the hook, you could start to reel them with!

The deck copy:

That appears immediately under the topic and its purpose is to tell the reader to carry on reading. It can do this by enlarging the eye-catching headline and revealing the prospect why they would read more.

For example: “Read on to see how this Atlanta housewife misplaced six stone in nine weeks without starving, looking into the gym, or giving up sweet… ”

Then you come to essentially the most delicate part of the letter, which needs to get the prospect to start examining in earnest.

The opening up paragraphs:

I guess it’s the corral instinct, but we mankind always warm to anyone we feel is like you. You feel more comfortable with them therefore you are more inclined to be confident in them. And trust needs to be created before any great deals can take place.

So, you must immediately show your prospect that you are just like them and recognize their problem. And, since this is a letter, it’s a good idea first a salutation. So may waste that salutation in “Dear friend” if you can set “Dear fellow investor” or perhaps “Dear fellow ___ sufferer”.

You then need to build on that will common ground, by starting up the body of the letter using a statement the prospect will conveniently agree with.

For example: “You may need me to tell an individual that if there was ever a moment to protect your investments and also savings, that time is now”.

Then you move on to paint a really dark picture of just what might happen if the is actually not remedied.

Then — like a shaft of sunlight piercing the angry, dark-colored clouds you introduce your current product as the perfect solution for that prospect’s problem.

And the way to very best does this is by listing almost every benefit you can think of as a topic point.

Bullet points:

These are generally one of the key elements of how to publish a sales letter, because, should you get this right, you will actually light a fire under your current prospect.

We copywriters phone bullet points “fascinations”, since they are designed to fascinate the reader and allow them an itch that could only be scratched by the lovely release of buying the product.

Therefore, depending on the product, you might get possibly 20 fascinations like this: “Discover the amazingly simple strategy to video yourself in any position on Earth (or even in space) and it’s all laid out in your case in six easy, paint-by-numbers steps in Chapter Seven. micron

When you have the prospect really energized by your bullet points you could introduce…

The price and warranty:

I have put these two along because I find it works well to deal with them together. For instance, just as I’m about to focus on the price I will say: “But first, let me make the one thing clear — I have all the risk on this”. And then go on to state often the guarantee.

That way, when the customer is weighing up your value in their mind, they are also incredibly aware they can take a chance on shopping for it because they can reconsider the deal with no consequence.

And when you come to the value, you first demonstrate the brilliant value you are giving them by means of telling them what the costlier alternative would cost.

Therefore, for example, if you are selling a plan, explain the cost and difficulty of traveling to meet the publisher, plus the astronomical hourly pace they charge for one-to-one consultations. Then point out they might enjoy that very same wisdom, which can absorb at their unique pace — and in delete word their own home — by purchasing the course for a only fraction of the high cost of a private consultation.

And, if you are promoting a book, compare it with the higher cost of a study course, stressing that you get all the purified wisdom of the course, nevertheless at the far lower cost of typically the book. By “minimizing” by doing this, you make the prospect really know what tremendous value they are acquiring.

Laying it on the line:

At this point the prospect is fired up by your local bullet points/fascinations and has learned how much they must invest in the solution to their problem which is well aware they can try this out and about at no risk by themselves, you can turn up the heat to seal the sale by spelling out and about exactly what is at stake for them.

Use with their emotions, so here is usually where you need to play on both equally fundamental emotional triggers: “Fear of pain” and “Craving for comfort”.

So you design the two choices they now get, one by one.

First, paint some sort of dark picture of how are you affected if they do nothing. You’ve actually alluded to this in the launching of your letter and now could be the time to really rub deserving into the wound.

Then, after your prospect is starkly reminded of their present unnecessary situation, you apply typically the soothing balm by painting like a pro a rosy picture showing how wonderful they will feel, whenever they own the product.

Tell them about the “Christmas morning feeling” involving sheer joy and enjoyment that will surge right through their very own whole being, when they browse through the product and realize — at last — they have the full solution to the problem that has dogged them for so long. Whether or not it’s relevant, paint a shining word picture of how their very own friends and loved ones can look at them with renewed esteem for finally solving the issue.

And then end the notice by saying that, since the choice they have to make is really obvious, you are looking forward to inviting them as a valued client.


It has been proven which — after the headline — the most read part of the sales letter is the post intrigue. So you should have at least 2.

The first one should stress which — because of your cast-iron guarantee — the only way they are able to possibly lose out is by not really purchasing the product.

And your 2nd postscript should tense the scarcity factor to obtain them to buy now, instead of going away and “think regarding it”.

You do this by mentioning scarcity factors, for example, Early Bird discounts, a good imminent price rise, restricted quantities of the product, or perhaps a very small number of bonuses throughout the entire letter and now you really emphasize how they will miss out.

Remember that fear of loss is really a far better motivator than the guarantee of gain.

Think of the sales letter as a love notice and you’ll realize its correct purpose is to seduce. Essential the extra elements now must be added to the mix — for example “The Common Enemy” — are called “Seduction Secrets”. These people really make the sales letter a good irresistible greased chute, from the pre-headline all the way right down to the “Buy” button.

If you are using this simple, eight-point theme you’ll have a good basic understanding of how to write a sales letter functions. But, for sizzling achievement, you need to add the attraction secrets.

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