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The Best Tattoo Shops Near Me


No matter the style of tattoo design that strikes your fancy, there is a shop nearby that can make your vision come to life! Below are a few great locations where you can get inked!

Bushwick location offers clean studios with friendly artists ready to transform your vision into reality. There are also frequent flash sales for both tattoos and piercings!

Graveyard NYC

Graveyard NYC provides a range of services, including tattooing and body art. Their prices are affordable, with excellent reviews in the city. In addition, free consultations are provided. Their selection includes fantasy and realistic designs, multiple tattoo machines, and ink options; their staff is helpful and friendly.

Jonas hit New York City hard on January 23rd and forced them to postpone their performance until February 10th at Bowery Ballroom – however, fans still made their way from all across New York and Maine as a show of commitment to rock music! This dedication speaks volumes of its importance in the lives of dedicated listeners.

Shadood lives near the border between Bushwick and Ridgewood in Brooklyn and finds that living near graveyards is less frightening than one may imagine. Evergreen Cemetery and Knollwood Park Cemetery surround her apartment. While they may not provide the spooky ambiance many seek, they make for great Halloween decor while giving insight into death’s business side.

Electric Anvil Tattoo

Electric Anvil Tattoo stands out among local tattoo parlors by boasting an impressive roster of tattoo artists. You’ll find traditional and ornamental styles here – browsing their portfolios may help you select one that best matches your preferences before scheduling a session; walk-ins are welcome, too.

Allied Tattoo’s artists are renowned for their ability to turn your dream tattoo idea into reality. Specializing in American tradition, their style offers bold and vibrant tattoos with reverent shading and vibrant hues – perfect for anyone wanting a unique addition to their body.

Allied Tattoo offers gift certificates that can be redeemed for tattoos, piercings, or merchandise – making this an easy way to give a loved one a tattoo without worrying about making sure it suits them personally. In addition, their shop also has art prints from talented local artists available online that create unique and thoughtful presents.

East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo was established on Greenpoint’s waterfront in 2000, and its artists specialize in custom work inspired by 19th-century nautical folk art, woodcuts, engravings, and scrimshaw. East River’s shop doesn’t take itself too seriously with an eclectic roster of artists with distinct styles; think part antique store with aqua eggshell walls and pressed tin ceilings; plus, it boasts taxidermy animals like foxes and deer antlers as well as unique steel locker. Sue Jeivan, known as its spirit animal within East River Tattoo for her expertise, is responsible for its unique interior design!

Brooklyn tattoo shop Jae Connor Tattoo Studio is known for its clean, comfortable atmosphere and versatility. Their founder, Jae Connor, makes working together easy; her style helps bring your vision to life while honoring its history. Their team comprises experienced tattoo artists specializing in various types, particularly Japanese and delicate line work.

Bang Bang

Bang Bang Tattoo Shop in NYC is one of the premier tattoo shops, providing custom designs and cover-ups as well as an impressive selection of piercings. Their staff is known for being friendly and honest – they will help you select an ideal piercing to fit your taste!

Bang Bang started tattooing at his mom’s tiny Delaware kitchen as a self-taught artist, his unique style transcending traditional tattooing conventions to attract men and women of all experience levels with its fresh aesthetic.

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy has earned celebrity clients’ trust by creating stunning art pieces like Rihanna’s controversial gun tattoos and inking Justin Bieber from 40,000 feet – among others! On red carpets, stages, or magazine spreads, celebrities know each Bang Bang masterpiece has its inspiring tale to tell; its popularity only makes this shop more sought-after, with names such as Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne among their waiting list clients.

Sena Tattoo

Williamsburg-based shop that specializes in minimal line body art. Their artists produce elegant and intricate designs quickly and efficiently; though walk-ins are welcome, appointments should be scheduled if severe about getting inked.

David Sena is a highly esteemed tattoo artist known for fusing destruction and ritual into his work, drawing influence from Japanese culture and NYC. Since 1994, he has been practicing tattooing, becoming one of the first individuals to receive a license when legal tattooing was instituted in 1997.

Marie Sena is another talented tattoo artist at Welcome Home Studio in Brooklyn. With a graduate degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration under her belt, her specialties lie in 3D areola tattooing for women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery, gender equality advocacy online and offline support of gender diversity, as well as 3D areola tattooing of patients undergoing reconstruction surgeries, she also plays an instrumental role at Welcome Home Studio as part of its team where she uses painting, xerography and tattooing as her tools of the trade to provide clients with exceptional services at Welcome Home Studio – part of its team at Welcome Home Studio located at 1440 Front St Brooklyn where she practices her profession alongside painting, xerography, and tattooing!

Daredevil Tattoo

The South Street Seaport Museum and Daredevil Tattoo have joined forces to present two unique programs about tattoo history. On September 21-22, an evening lecture will be followed by live tattooing sessions showcasing tattoo flash from their collection at the Museum. Participants can receive their very own unique tattoo from this fantastic experience!

Red Rocket Tattoo Studio features ten resident artists and guest tattooers worldwide. Together, they offer an assortment of artistic designs that meet client’s expectations, with walk-ins welcome although appointments should be scheduled ahead.

Grit N Glory Tattoo Parlor was established by Megan Massacre, who became one of the most beloved guests on NY Ink. As well as offering vibrant tattoos, this parlor doubles as a lifestyle brand selling stylish apparel and accessories.

This East Village shop welcomes walk-in customers and boasts an experienced roster of tattoo artists, such as Josh Lord of True Detective fame. Josh Lord’s traditional and fine-line designs demonstrate a range of influences from past cultures.

Studio 28

Studio 28 is one of Manhattan’s premier tattoo and body piercing studios. Their experienced artists specialize in custom tattoos and high-quality implant-grade piercings of all varieties – fine lines, black and gray, horror coverups, and coverups are just a few styles available here! In addition, Studio 28 provides exquisite jewelry from leading manufacturers.

This tattoo shop has earned a sterling reputation for its superb craftsmanship and customer service. Their friendly, professional staff strives to provide customers a clean and relaxing environment. They accept piercing walk-ins from 1 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Monday-Sunday and tattoo walk-ins between 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Tattoos can be a fantastic way to express yourself or commemorate a special event. At Senaspace, our artists can help create something truly unforgettable – marking summer adventures or commemorating significant milestones with one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by classic Japanese techniques that will remain cherished memories for years.

InkStinct NYC

Tattoos are a fantastic way to express yourself, and these NYC tattoo shops will help your designs come to life. With talented artists, exceptional customer service, and high standards of sanitary environment, your experience at these shops will be as pleasant as possible.

Inkstinct NYC is an elite tattoo studio dedicated to offering its customers only the latest modern tattoo designs in the industry. Both resident and guest artists specialize in various styles, from unique ideas to custom tattoo creations that stand out.

CJ, well-known for his Asian style designs, established this shop and offered a clean environment along with various tattoo styles – Japanese, watercolor, and fine-line tattooing.

Although this parlor may not be as large as others, it remains well-known for its professionalism and artistry. Their staff is trained in multiple styles and techniques for tattooing; consultation services allow you to find the ideal design.