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The Best Cardiologists in Nagpur


The heart is the most vital organ in the human body, and cardiologists are the go-to medical professionals for diagnosing and treating heart diseases.

Cardiologists in Nagpur specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions affecting the heart or its arteries. Additionally, they monitor other risk factors which could contribute to developing such issues as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels.

Dr. Manish M. Juneja

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in the health of someone’s heart. They diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the cardiovascular system and may recommend surgery as necessary.

People at risk for heart problems should seek medical advice from a cardiologist. They can help prevent or diagnose abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Consulting with top cardiologists in Nagpur is essential for your heart’s well-being. These doctors will give you valuable information regarding the prevention of heart diseases and offer suggestions on living a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Juneja is an accomplished cardiologist with seven years of experience in the field. As a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Rhythm Heart Care, he offers treatments such as Mitral/Heart Valve Replacement, Vascular Surgery, and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) surgery to address your needs.

Dr. Sanjay Gidhwani

When selecting a cardiologist, they must have an impressive record of success. You can research their qualifications and experience level and read reviews from previous patients.

A cardiologist will review your medical history and perform a physical assessment of your heart, including weighing you. They may also order blood work, X-rays or a stress test.

The cardiologist will review the results and develop a treatment plan to help you reach and maintain good heart health. This may involve prescription medications, lifestyle modifications, or referral to another specialist if necessary. They will determine which approach is most beneficial for your case.

Dr. Anup Ashok Pusate

Dr. Anup Ashok Pusate is one of the premier cardiologists in Nagpur and an expert medical practitioner with a keen eye for detail and excellent patient management skills. A graduate of RCSM GMC, he earned his MBBS and DM in Cardiology before becoming an experienced practitioner. Dr. Pusate holds memberships to the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) and the National Academy of Medical Sciences and currently practices at Hrudayansh Heart And Cancer Clinic – Medical College.

Dr. Shiril R. Nagarkar (PT)

Purushottam Nagarkar, M.D. is an assistant professor of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Frisco, Texas, specializing in hand surgery and microsurgery, Mohs microsurgery, and aesthetic procedures like breast or body contouring. With extensive experience to draw upon, his passion lies in empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatments. After receiving his medical degree from UT Southwestern, he completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Harvard University.

He has a broad range of clinical interests and is constantly learning new procedures to hone his skills and better serve his patients. His services include soft tissue mobilization, strengthening exercises, Musculoskeletal injury physiotherapy, range-of-motion exercises, electrical stimulation, and heat therapy treatments. With eight years of experience at Synergy Physiotherapy Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre in Azamshah Layout, Nagpur, he continues to expand his practice.

Dr. Rhishikesh Umalkar

Finding a trustworthy doctor to receive a cardiac consultation can be intimidating for some people. To truly comprehend your diagnosis and explore available treatments, you must find someone reliable to guide you.

Dr. Rhishikesh Umalkar is one of the premier cardiologists in Nagpur and has been practicing for many years. With his wealth of expertise and kind disposition, Dr. Umalkar is highly regarded by his patients.

Chest pain can often indicate a potential heart attack, but it could also be something other than cardiac.