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Tesla Careers


Currently, Tesla is a company that manufactures electric cars, batteries, and solar panels. It also manufactures grid-scale energy storage and home energy storage. In addition to these products, it also produces related products. It is an American multinational clean energy company.


Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, there are hundreds of job opportunities available at Tesla. Its reputation as a challenging and exciting employer has contributed to its allure.

The salaries at Tesla vary considerably based on the role. For example, the top 1% of employees earn a salary of $540k annually. But on the other hand, the receptionist at Tesla earns only $38,015 a year.

On average, employees at Tesla are paid about $110,192 a year. In addition to their base pay, they are also awarded bonuses. The company ranks in the top 15% of similar-sized companies for perks.

Among the most sought-after positions at Tesla are CAE engineers (computer-aided engineering). They work directly on the development of future Tesla vehicles. This is a high-skilled field, so applicants have to have five to ten years of experience.

Work environment

Known for its fast-paced, intense work culture, Tesla careers are popular amongst tech-savvy individuals. With ambitious targets and a focus on innovation, the company will continue to attract the most motivated employees.

Despite the high-pressure work environment, some former employees left due to long hours and unsatisfying job prospects. Others reportedly complained about low salaries and inconsistent management tactics.

Although the company isn’t for everyone, many former employees have praised the positives of their experience. It is a challenging workplace that has been commended for its fun atmosphere.

Some former Tesla employees have complained that they were given unrealistic targets and pressured to meet them. The company also has several controversies to contend with.

A recent survey by a Glassdoor employee indicates that most workers at Tesla feel the company is a great place to work. Eighty-one percent of employees approve of CEO Elon Musk.


Whether you want to work with Tesla’s HR department or vehicle engineering, there are many opportunities for internships with the company. You can find internships on the official website or third-party sites like Glassdoor. Typically, a three-month internship is available, although longer stints are also available.

The application process for a Tesla internship is straightforward. You will need to fill out an online application and upload your resume. You will then be asked to take an onsite interview. You will also be required to pass an academic exam. You will be assigned a mentor and will have a professional guide you through the process. You may also be required to work in a production line or behind computer coding.

You will also need to prove that you have the skills and experience necessary to succeed at a Tesla internship. This includes having a “growth mindset” and quickly applying new skills to your job.

Signing bonuses

Among the many things, people like about working at Tesla are the numerous benefits they receive. For starters, there are paid vacation days and health insurance. They also get discounts on rental cars, hotels, flights, and amusement parks.

The company has a great culture that encourages productivity and innovation. Tesla employees enjoy a fast-paced work environment. There is also a lot to learn from the other team members. Understanding the company’s products and being interested in solving problems is essential.

Signing bonuses are a good way for new hires to get started. However, it may not be enough to keep an employee at the company for a long time.

Tesla’s management has been known to promote people based on friendships, family, and connections. It has also been noted that the company is willing to spend a lot of money on its employees’ salaries and benefits.

Company culture

Founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is a forward-thinking, disruptive leader. He is famous for his unusual personality, as well as for his distaste for traditional business practices. This has led to Tesla’s distinctive company culture, which encourages employees to think outside the box and be creative.

The company aims to build a positive work environment where people can feel confident and comfortable. It also invests in its employees’ professional development.

To achieve this, it employs a management process that helps employees form behaviors and contribute to the company’s effectiveness. It also strives to ensure that all its employees are intentionally working to achieve success.

The company believes in empowering its employees and is dedicated to eliminating discrimination. It also promotes a learning culture and has established an agile learning process.