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TESDA Mobile Application Development Courses


If you are interested in learning more about mobile application development, TESDA is a government agency in the Philippines that offers free courses and dual training programs. You can take one of their mobile application development courses for free, or you can choose to take an online version of the program. Depending on your needs, a Tesda Course can take days, weeks, or months. So if you’re in a hurry, compare schools near you to find one that offers the course you want at a pace that works for you.

TESDA is a government agency in the Philippines

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is a government agency that provides free technical education to Filipinos. Its primary mission is to create a pool of highly skilled and competent workers. In addition, the agency is responsible for approving educational institutions throughout the country. About 20 million students attend schools that are accredited by TESDA each year.

It is responsible for formulating and monitoring workforce policies and standards and conducting education and training programs to ensure Filipino citizens are competent in different fields. Its training centers and schools offer courses, including carpentry, welding, and information technology. Anyone can enroll in any of these programs if they are a Filipino citizen.

The TESDA National Certificate program prepares graduates for internships in local businesses. In addition, graduates can apply to workforce agencies accredited by the Philippine Overseas Administration (POEA) for a work placement abroad. The agency oversees technical education and skills training (TVET) and offers guidelines for distributing funds to TVET institutions.

TESDA offers free online courses

The TESDA offers free online courses for people looking to learn about a particular subject. The courses can take up to 4 weeks to complete and will come with all the necessary learning resources. They will also provide an assessment upon completion. Upon passing the assessment, individuals will earn a Certificate of Completion, or NCC, a widely recognized vocational certificate in the Philippines.

To take advantage of the program, students must have a computer and be computer literate. The TESDA will provide a certificate to each graduate. They will also be able to use the certificate to get a job in their chosen field. TESDA’s courses are available in various sectors, and the learners can choose the one that best matches their needs. One must be computer literate to take advantage of the free online courses.

To take an online TESDA course, all students must have a personal computer with a stable Internet connection. A valid email address is also required to complete the online courses. In addition, a valid TESDA certification is required if one wishes to work overseas. The TESDA assessment centers are located throughout the country.

TESDA offers a dual training system

The Dual Training System (DTS) is an alternate education system where students spend time in school and a company. This system helps develop employable skills and work knowledge and ensures trainees’ attitudes are aligned with the job requirements. It is the preferred training modality in the Philippines. Learners receive a training allowance for transportation and other expenses. Schools that use this system must apply for accreditation with the TESDA so that the training they provide is quality and free from exploitation.

TESDA Calabarzon has already accredited 27 companies with the Dual Training System. The organizations were awarded accreditation certificates by Florencio Sunico Jr, former Regional Director, and Pascual Arriola, Laguna Provincial Director. The organizations also partnered with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to provide free training to OFWs. OFWs can register for the training online or through a mobile application.

The Dual Training System provides a host of benefits to companies and schools. Participating companies and schools can deduct the costs of Dual Training from their taxable income. In addition, they can also import materials and equipment tax-free. Another benefit of the Dual Training System is that it promotes continuous curriculum updating. This system also requires the active participation of the industry players in developing training plans and ensuring their effectiveness.

TESDA offers a mobile application development course

If you have been looking for a way to improve your skills, TESDA has a program just for you. This course is free of charge and can be completed anytime you have the time. As it is an online course, you can study the material at your own pace. You can even access it on your mobile device.

This course will teach you how to develop your first iOS application. You’ll learn everything from the anatomy of an app to set it up for development. You’ll also learn how to create adaptive user interfaces, add buttons and labels to the screen, and fetch data from the internet. The lessons are delivered via videos, which last 10 to 24 minutes. The videos are designed to set your own pace and pause as often as you want.

The course is made up of two and a half hours of content. It covers the features of Java, including creating and using data structures and classes. In addition, the course includes tutorials, videos, and project work. You will spend approximately five to six hours a week on the course. You will be required to complete a project atat the course’s end.