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Technology IT transformation change organizations – It can be challenging to begin to touch on how new and growing technology has typically changed the medical field. The average life today is between 75-85 years old in this country and continues to rise year after year. Would it be that Americans are eventually heeding the warning of the Fda, or is technology at this point able to erase the effects of a lot of unhealthy living?


Medical professionals now know that genetics participate in possibly passing about diseases from one generation to another one. Knowing a patient’s well-being history because of the role innate testing has played throughout identifying diseases passed on via generation to generation will give doctors an early start on what to expect in a patient.

Technology IT transformation change organizations – Vaccines also have played an essential role in preventing diseases, along with technology that has allowed the most up-to-date vaccines to prevent certain varieties of cancers.


Regular body tests and lab jobs can reveal anything from a lack of iron in your body to certain types of cancer, diabetes, and possible cardiovascular system conditions. These simple testing can be a lifesaver along with early detection.

Early recognition

Technology IT transformation change organizations – With the use of x-rays, MRIs, and Cat Scans, doctors can have an “inside” look at the body and what diseases or conditions may be hiding within. Physicians can detect and identify problems before they become terminal.


Advances in this area have transformed surgery like a “risky art” into a technological discipline capable of treating numerous diseases and conditions.


Technology IT transformation change organizations – The manufacturing of lawful drugs has allowed the actual medical profession to recommend anything from painkillers to mood enhancers to rays and chemotherapy. There appears to be a medication for almost every ailment these days, and it more than likely is possible without present-day technology.

For the past 200 years, the medical field has made enormous progress in the deadly combat diseases with the help of brand new technologies. From the invention of the first vaccine to surgical procedures that can give someone a much better quality of life, technology enhances the medical field.