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Strengthening the Idea for a Computer Game


We have been on a great journey. The journey of creativity is associated with imagination and self-satisfaction. This particular journey is associated with designing and developing a video game. To know more check on

We now need to start fashioning the content for the different amounts that the player needs to proceed through to retrieve his Kingdom.

So, Therefore I’m thinking that the starting levels, or level 1, can place the hero somewhere in the forest between the location exactly where he was kept and has been competing in secret and one of the scaled-down villages on the outskirts of the Kingdom. The hero will be on his way to enter the small town when he meets the initial Guardian. The Guardian can advise the hero to carry out a few tasks before carrying on his path.

Throughout the venture in the first levels, he will collect important information that they will be using later in the game.

So the question now’s, what should some of these collectibles be? How will they always be realized in the gameplay, and will they be interconnected to the overall gaming expertise?

We need to have some form of a map that will be employed throughout the game to guide you on their quest. Typically the map will probably change-over-time over time as more pieces are gathered throughout the game.

This can be achieved in several different signifies: (1) the original map will have limited information to steer the user only for that particular levels and mission objectives, so that as he progresses throughout the video game, the map can also uncover more information, etc… (2) The original map is partitioned in several smaller maps that this player needs to find all through their quest in the game. This can give the player another adventure, such as an experience, regarding searching and finding the chart collections throughout the gameplay to satisfy their overall mission goal.

Other items could vary from hidden treasures to holy books that give the player a deeper insight into their family history and the events that have occurred in the past. The value will be used for riches and the recruitment of allies and other soldiers throughout the gameplay.

Of course, he will also be competent to pick a few goodies and make them into his catalog for later use.

Naturally, we need also to have some way connected with collecting new ways of counseling and fighting with our guitar player. So swords and guards will be a big part of the gameplay. There are also going to be potions in addition to magic. These items will be needed to enhance the gameplay and supply strategic thinking by the customer on how to defeat a particular adversary.

Advancing to the next level. So now, he’s more knowledgeable of the past and has a few goodies in the inventory… ROCK ON! The particular journey continues. He starts off going down the path to the 1st village.

Entering the community, no one knows who they are. Therefore, everyone is very mindful of him and virtually ignores him. One of the main important parts of this level could be for the hero to stumble upon another friendly character that may give him more intelligence and guidance. This is one of many better-known merchants inside the village that has been around and has now seen the devastation of the Kingdom due to the infamous combat and the brutal rampage by ORCs.

The Merchant is a close friend to Maximillian’s father, King Vittorio. In the beginning, he does not often recognize the young Maximillian. Still, from a few glances and the original exchange, he starts to distinguish him, and great enjoyment and happiness overcome the pup. At this point, the player starts socializing with the Merchant, and the Reseller is the main supporting character, which will help Maximillian get to another level.

The question again here’s what are these new major information points? A better model of the map, perhaps? A lot more treasure hunting? More riddles to solve to get to the value? Improved fighting gear? Think about the actual weapons of a night? More Inventory Items?

Maybe, a new map set will probably be given to the hero, which usually illustrates some hidden lobby to the internal Kingdom. Furthermore, the marked-up locations regarding points of interest. Organic beef comes across some hostility from the other character classes throughout the journey. This is where the particular hero needs to show their ability to defend and deal with his foes. The level of resistance could be of the Barbarian School.

This brings me to another location point. How many different class/character types do we have amongst players? Well, the following are the class forms that I have been thinking about in addition to brainstorming:

The Homeowner Class: These are your matter in the Kingdom. They are the folks of the Kingdom. They involve the peasants, the people, the merchants, etc.

The Barbarian Class: These are tribes that have no policies and understand no policies and law! They are dealing with machines, and the only matter they care about is looting, lust, and more looting.

Often the ORC Class: The ORCs are beastly animals living alongside humanity for many generations. They are a residential area within themselves, and their major objective is to collect rare metals and other treasures. They will head to great wars to get their materials and kill and burn down community towns and Kingdoms to have what they want.

The Existing Dead: The Living Deceased are a secret weapon in the Evil King Maarten and the Wizard Darnell. These are decreased soldiers who have been kept still living by the magic of Darnell. They are the second line of security in the new Evil Empire, and they are very deadly when one is trapped in a selection of them.

The Dead Navy: Another one of Darnell’s magic formula weapons. These are also gotten soldiers that were going to become the Living Dead. The magic did not work very well, and they turned into living skeletons. Not as powerful as the Dwelling Dead, but still deadly in a group.

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