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Spoke Jeans Review


SPOKE, a newly launched tailoring service specializing in perfectly fitting chinos, offers off-the-shelf trousers.

They achieve this by offering five times more sizes than conventional companies do. When ordering trousers from them, select your waist size and build preference (how slimming they should be) before selecting leg length.

They’re made to measure

SPOKE aims to dress people, not mannequins. With its proprietary measuring system and unique fitting system, SPOKE provides a superior fit to your average high-street retailer. Their simple online questionnaire asks whether or not you identify as Slim Jim or Hulky Harry; once measured, they send out trousers specifically suited to your frame.

These jeans are constructed from classic 12oz fabric that has been lightly enzyme washed and hand sanded to give a lived-in finish, featuring leather patches and simple hardware. Featuring Schoeller 3XDRY technology that repels rain and sweat, these pants provide maximum comfort during active men’s pursuits while remaining water resistant – an essential factor when cycling or exercising outdoors. Pricier than your standard off-the-shelf jeans but ideal for cyclists wanting to look sharp.

They’re cycling-specific.

Spoke has recently unveiled its product offerings with tailoring-like precision and offers three ‘build options’ (B, C) that provide more precise fitting trousers and cords/polos than traditional retailers. Their fit finder helps customers select their size before they cut trousers tailored explicitly for them. Significantly more measures than other companies are offered, and three builds (A for slimmer thigh fits, B and C for roomier fits) are available based on user input.

These cycling chinos were created with cycling in mind, yet they still look great when worn without pedaling. They feature stretch fabric with raised rear comfort for cycling comfort, a pocket designed to hold a D-lock, and water resistance properties that protect thighs from the drizzle, as well as being water repellent; any spilled drinks will sit on top of the fabric until brushed away later on.

They’re comfortable

When buying jeans, two key measurements come into play: waist and inseam length. Spoke goes one step further by offering 11 waist sizes in three “build options,” from slim to leg-day friendly – then customizing each trouser to your preferred inseam length.

These jeans are both extraordinarily comfortable and water-resistant! With 1% elastane added for a stretch without making the pants too stretchy, the front right zipped pocket has a flap sewn onto it to help prevent liquid from seeping through!

These jeans stand out for their cycling-specific features. Ideal for commuters who don’t wish to wear full lycra but don’t want their work clothes getting muddy on rainy days, the water-repellent fabric provides valuable protection. Plus, these lightweight jeans make an impactful statement of independence!

They’re stylish

These trousers stand out from your wardrobe by being water resistant. British roads are notorious for being filthy, so when the precipitation arrives, it can make maintaining smart workwear difficult. But not with Spoke! Their 3XDRY fabric from Schoeller meets future environmental standards by limiting impurities to 25 parts per billion while featuring an outer waterproof coating to wick moisture away from the skin and keep things looking smart!

London-based Spoke Clothing Company aims to offer more tailored fits for many articles of clothing, starting with pants and cords. Their system enables shoppers to select their waist size, build (how slim you would like the jeans), and inseam length – giving three times as many options as purchasing from high street stores.