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Social Media Marketing For Beginners


Instagram is a free photo- and video-sharing app used by most young people today, providing access to images created and posted online through smartphones. Instagram is just one of several applications which have captured young people’s creative lives online through image-based networks such as Flickr or Tumblr. Guide to buy Instagram followers.

Social media marketing goals must be specific (increase the number of followers or drive traffic), measurable (10% increase within two months), achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided to join Instagram, creating one is the first step in setting up an account. This requires entering your full name, password, and email address (if applicable).

Next, complete your profile information. This includes writing up a 150-character bio about your business and selecting an image that’s easily recognizable to followers of your account.

Tap “Search & Explore” to access content explicitly tailored to your interests, such as photos and videos you like from people you follow and what topics interest you. Here, you can also search by username or location if necessary.

Planning Your Posts

Reach and engagement can be improved on Instagram by creating a clear content strategy based on current marketing objectives. This should involve setting clear goals and success metrics that can inform decision-making.

As your Instagram posts contribute to an overall visual narrative for your account, it’s also crucial to take note of their compatibility. People tend to gravitate toward funds with an engaging aesthetic and an organized posting schedule.

Preplanning Instagram posts saves time and lets you focus more effectively on creative brainstorming, content production, and other business tasks. Furthermore, planning ensures regular posts at optimal times.

Editing Photos

Make the most out of Instagram images or tell a compelling carousel post using one-tap carousel posts by editing photos with digital filters that evoke different aesthetics, photo-tuning tools that adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and straightness, or creating unique sequences of pictures or videos through one tap carousels.

Finding your unique style is the key to taking stunning Instagram photos and using natural lighting whenever possible for enhanced authenticity and higher-quality results.

Creating Videos

Videos are an effective way to engage and capture the attention of your target audience. Use videos tto entertain, teach new skills or information, or simply as thought-provoking content-sharing tools.

Magisto is an advanced video editor with features to make Instagram videos stand out and attract audiences’ attention. Perfect for businesses seeking to be creative with their IG video posts and turn them into scroll stoppers, Magisto offers plenty of customization features to make them truly exceptional.

OptinMonster helps you capture more leads and drive sales through Instagram by turning posts into stunning lead-generation campaigns. They offer templates like floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, and more that are fully responsive across devices for lead capture and sales generation.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories offer a great way to bypass Instagram’s algorithm and showcase what’s happening with you and your followers. Each post remains available 24 hours and may include photos and videos, text updates, polls, or interactive features your followers can respond to directly.

The platform offers stickers that can make your Stories more engaging, such as “Add Yours,” allowing your audience to contribute their photos directly to your Story. Furthermore, use “Questions” to pose queries and receive answers, or the “Music” sticker as a fun background track!

Using Instagram Reels

Reels are an exciting feature designed to expand an Instagram user’s audience and connect with followers. Reels can help grow an Instagram presence while engaging fans – they are an ideal way to generate leads, build brand recognition, and drive sales.

Instagram Reels are full-screen vertical videos up to 90 seconds in length that feature an array of editing tools – such as voice and sound snippets from popular sources – as well as text that appears, disappears, moves, and more.

Reels can be posted at any time of the day or night, though for best results, it’s best to post when your audience is most active on Instagram – this can be determined through Instagram Insights or tools like Sprout Social.

Using Instagram IGTV

Instagram’s answer to YouTube, IGTV, is designed for mobile users. Users can upload up to hour-long videos into their IGTV accounts for viewing on this service.

These videos are vertical and full-screen, including a swipe-up link for users to watch more video content. Users can add their IGTV videos directly into stories, where they will play automatically with more extended video options available.

Companies often drop devices, apps, and features – but IGTV stands out by being considerate of its users and taking steps to help ease their transition.

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