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Slorne Clothing Reviews – Is Slorne Clothing a Scam?


If you’re considering shopping online and wondering if Slorne Clothing is a scam, read this article. We’ll discuss unreasonable discounts, unrealistic returns/exchange policies, and copyright issues. Hopefully, these Slorne Clothing reviews will help you make up your mind! So whether you buy something from Slorne or not, keep reading to find out whether this site is worth your time!

Slorne Clothing is a scam site.

Slorne Clothing is not a legitimate website; you should avoid it at all costs. The company has a bad reputation and is linked to scams and other fraudulent websites. The website itself is unprofessional and has no trust seal logo. The company also uses unsecured technology, making it difficult to safeguard your financial information. You should never use your credit card details on a site with a questionable track record.

The company behind Slorne is Xehia trading Ltd. 159 Green Lanes, London, N13 4SP. While the company’s address is correct, the quality of its images is not. In addition, its website theme and content were copied from other sites. These are all red flags. Make sure you do your homework before buying from a shady company. It is better to avoid scams than risk losing your hard-earned money on a fake site.

It offers an unrealistic returns/exchange policy.

If you are considering buying Slorne Clothing, consider the company’s returns/exchange policy. While it offers many sales and discounts, its policy for returns and exchanges is unreasonably strict. For example, if you order panties, you must return them in original condition with intact panty protective strip. Unfortunately, this makes a full refund nearly impossible. This can cause a lot of frustration and confusion, so it’s best to avoid this company’s online store.

It offers copyright issues.

Aside from the copyright issues, Slorne’s website also features many cropped images. These images have blurry quality because they are cropped to avoid copyright issues. Furthermore, much of the website content and theme are copied from other websites. Consequently, you should not trust Slorne’s website for your online shopping needs. The site’s copyright issues make it impossible to buy its products without incurring costs.