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Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments: 3 Simple Options


Sliding glass door window treatments are not the same as standard window treatments. This is due to the differences in their construction and functionality. When selecting a window treatment for your sliding glass door, consider the traffic the entrance will receive. The treatment should also provide insulation and seclusion while complementing your room’s style. Find out the best info about vacuum insulating glass.

Three simple window treatment options for sliding doors are provided here.


Using curtains as window coverings can provide more insulation for sliding glass doors. This type of door not only allows a lot of light into a room, but it can also cause problems in the winter by allowing heat to escape. The use of room-darkening, secure curtains provides a solution to these issues. This type of drape is available in various colors and designs that complement any room decor.

Consider utilizing curtains with a significant support element and hanging them on a rod over the sliding door to make entry easier. One option for sliding glass doors that lead to swimming pool areas or patios typically used during the summer is to change the window treatments during winter. Changing window treatments based on the season provides more decorative options and the flexibility to manage energy efficiency throughout the seasons.

Vertical shades

Vertical blinds are a standard window treatment option for sliding glass doors. Vinyl vertical shutters are a low-cost door solution that can provide privacy and block sunlight. The blinds are also simple to clean with a standard household cleaning solution. Vinyl vertical shutters are available in various colors and textures and may match any room style.

Fabric vertical blinds and vertical blinds made of natural and counterfeit wood are alternatives to sheer vinyl shades. Vertical blinds are a popular option for homeowners looking for sliding glass doors when the sorts of options are combined at a low cost. Use window scarves or swags to complement vertical blinds and cover the shutter hardware.

Tracks for panels

Panel track systems are a cutting-edge approach for sliding glass doors. Panel monitors are similar to vertical shutters; however, panels are typically 20 inches wide. The broader boards make it easier to access sliding glass doors that see a lot of traffic.

Panel tracks are available in several designs, including PVC, bamboo, and cloth. Some materials used in panel track systems allow them to provide block sunlight and privacy and filter harmful Ultra Violet sun rays while still allowing light to enter the interior. Panels can be easily cleaned by simply dusting or using a vacuum cleaner. Consider incorporating tab-paneled swags to disguise the monitor system and add to the home decor.

It would be best to choose the window treatment for sliding glass doors that best complements the ambiance of your rooms from all angles.

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