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Six Essential Stationery for Students


Schoolwork and note-taking are challenging to master. However, have you ever considered changing your pencil to help you concentrate and recall information more efficiently? Scientific research suggests that colour can activate our thinking, such as blue stimulating creativity or increasing red attention to detail. So remember this when you buy stationery online to help your brain remember information more effectively.

A student’s life would be incomplete without stationery. Students use a wide variety of stationery items at school and home.

So, what are the advantages of stationery for students?

● Students can write down notes, draw, or take tests with the necessary supplies.

● School projects and assignments can be completed faster using a variety of writing implements.

● Anyone studying art or crafts should have it. Without it, the students’ ability to express themselves creatively would be limited.

Take a closer look at the six most frequent types of stationery and how they’ve evolved:


Graphite/lead pencils, wood pencils, and clay pencils are the most common writing instruments. For a long time, pencils were manufactured from wood and lead. However, mechanical pencils have become modern. For the sake of saving effort and time, many students favor mechanical pencil sharpeners, which are easier to use and last longer than traditional pencils.


Wax, raw rubber, and sandstone were the only materials used earlier for erasing marks. Erasers come in various shapes and sizes in today’s world, suitable for a wide range of purposes, from pencil traces on stiff paper to kneaded erasers and vinyl erasers for drawing on soft paper. Dusters are also erasers that can remove chalk marks.


It is a tool for sharpening your pencils when the pointed lead has worn off. In addition to manual plastic/prism sharpeners, several mechanical and electric sharpeners utilize an electric motor to reduce labor requirements. Knives were once commonly employed as sharpeners for wooden pencils.


Most people use pens for writing and sketching, which deposit ink on a surface, usually paper. Before the advent of cells such as the fountain pen, ballpoint pen, gel pen, marker, and glitter pen, thin pieces of wood or feathers were used to write by dipping them into ink (for art and craftwork).

Geometric instruments

Geometric tools are the drawing implements used to create a wide range of geometric shapes. Multiple tools are used in geometry, but the most frequent include a compass, protractor (a D-shaped tool), and ruler (a scale tool).


A notebook is a pad of paper gathered and referred to as a notebook. It is typically used for copying, sketching, etc. Students use numerous notebooks depending on their course, including lab notebooks for science, notepads for all vital tasks, diaries for assignments, and even scrapbooks. For writing, ancient humans relied on papyrus or palm leaves, which are thick and absorbent. Computers and laptops have made it standard practice for college students to complete their homework and other assignments using word documents created with various word processing programs, including Microsoft Word, notepad, and WordPad.

Without a doubt, a student’s life is incomplete without stationery. Many children cannot learn because they lack basic paper. Students should place a high value on their letterhead. Therefore, they should only purchase practical and affordable goods, whether they buy stationery online or in physical stores. With the given situation, the online purchase has enabled students to choose better as they have a wide range to select from the virtual shelves. When it comes to office stationery, there is a broader scope to buy precisely as per the need. It is possible to acquire online from price comparison to the apt selection. You can pick items that help you craft, design, write and draw as is suitable for your requirement.

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