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Sista Fashion Reviews: Great but Can Be Better


Sista Fashion is one of the coolest online clothing shops. Fashion is all about aesthetics and Sista Fashion has all that. Not all people in the Sista Fashion reviews tend to agree with us though. We took a look at thousands of Sista Fashion reviews and there seems to be a bit of negativity, that can certainly be blamed on the company.

The company has created quite a gleaming reputation and if some of the complaints are not handled correctly, they might end up harming the amazing brand. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the complaints and we are going to be looking at just how they can be addressed.

Sista Fashion Reviews: Complaints

There are thousands of things that people love about Sista Fashion. From their extensive collection to their cool aesthetics. This has carried the fashion entity for a while. That is not what we are going to be looking at in this article though.

Sista Fashion is great but it is certainly not perfect. Some complaints have been raised repeatedly from clients and we are going to be looking at them in this article. If these complaints are solved, we can guarantee that the company will be perfect in every sense of the word.

Sista Fashion Reviews: Refunds

This still seems to be a bit of a hurdle for most online shops but it seems to be quite more prevalent for Sista Fashion clients., There are several refund queries that users claim to not have been helped on. There are bound to be mistakes in the clothing industry Clothes may not fit. Or the product can be different from the advertised product.

These are common problems bit the best way to solve them is quickly refunding the customers if they request a refund. This seems t be quite a problem for Sista Fashion. There seems to be a communication vacuum when it comes to refunding issues. We hope that the company fixes this promptly.

Sista Fashion Reviews

Sista Fashion Reviews: Unfulfilled Orders

The online shopping business is hectic and there is bound to be issues of unfulfilled orders., With Sista Fashion the frequency of the occurrence seems to be a bit alarming. There are several complaints online where customers have claimed not to get their ordered product. Some have even gone as far as calling the company a fraud. We have used the service and we have to disagree with the fraud label. If the claims are true, we hope, Sista Fashion speedily fixes the delivery problem

Sista Fashion Reviews

Sista Fashion Reviews: Customer Service

Sista Fashion Reviews: The principal problem that seems to plague Sista Fashion ids customer service. Most of the complaints that people have about the service tend to stem from poor customer service. There seems to be a vacuum when it comes to client and service provider communication. It is really difficult to get a response from Sista Fashion.

There are dozens of people that have been trying to get in touch with the company with regards to refunds and unfulfilled orders and it seems to be a nearly impossible task., This has to be fixed. With an online service, your customer service is the portal between you and your clients. There is a need to make sure that it works efficiently.

Sista Fashion Reviews

Sista Fashion Reviews

In this article, we looked at the complaints. If you do go online though there are thousands of positive reviews about Sista Fashion. They have a lot of things they are doing right and they correct these errors we can guarantee that they will rule the online fashion scene. Should you try the service out? Well, you should. The company has one of the most amazing fashion catalogs online.

Sista Fashion is great but we know they can be better. We hope these complaints raised by clients get fixed as soon as possible.

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Does Sista Fashion deliver clothes?

Sista Fashion delivers clothing items ordered from their online store

Can you get refunds from Sista Fashion?

Yes, Sista Fashion has a refund policy

How long does it take to receive Sista Fashion orders?

It takes between one and three days to get your Sista Fashion order.