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How to Incorporate Retagging In Your best SEO


All about SEO Brisbane:

SEO Brisbane – Many businesses forget to optimize their websites while they are busy running their companies. They disregard the importance of search engine optimization until they notice that their site ranking has dropped dramatically and prospects stop calling them, ultimately finding their sales drop. There are many ways to adapt to search engines’ rules and guidelines and keep up with the changes in SEO. One way to go about it is to spruce up your web pages with new photos that contain metadata, also called geotagging. 


What Is Geotagging All About?

SEO Brisbane – When you add accurate global positioning data to an image, a video, or a post, it is a process called geotagging. It is one way to embed longitude, latitude, and other location-specific data into your site. It usually precedes the adding of images and videos on the website. 


SEO Brisbane – Geotagging creates a connection between an image and its location details. You can set the geotagging to a specific positioning using longitude and latitude coordinates. Note that website visitors cannot see these geotags, but search engines can as they crawl, read, and classify a website while looking for data.


Geotagging is an important part of website development for a long time now, and it has been steadily growing as more and more mobile users search for information using their devices. Search engines factor in the current location of the individual into the search results they display. 


SEO Brisbane – Moreover, consumers today are becoming more specific with their searches on the internet. It means they want to narrow down the search results they get from thousands to those most relevant to them. If you do not include geotagging in your SEO efforts, your website is likely not ranking as favourably as your competitors. If you do not rank higher in the SERPs, consumers may not see what you have to offer.


Ways to Add More Metadata

SEO Brisbane – Metadata is what search engines use to determine results and rankings in their algorithms. Here are some ways to add metadata to your images to increase your ranking on the search results:


  • Image alt-text. As part of your SEO strategy, alt-text provides text for screen users to read details about the image. This is particularly helpful for people with visual impairment. It is also useful for users who have text-only browsers. 


  • File name or image title. It is all right to repeat your location and business name in the image title, file name, or text because each ranking helps with the ranking. Search engines can see the file name even though your users cannot. 


  • Captions near the photo. You can put words adjacent to your photo so that search engines can see the location and other information about the website, image, and the like. 


  • Geotagging data. When you use a digital camera or smartphone when taking photos for your website, geotagging is automatically included. It means you can geotag your images when you add them to your site. 



How Does Geotagging Help Your SEO?

SEO Brisbane – Ranking on the local search results would include geotagging as a vital aspect to it. Growing and expanding your local business requires positive local search results. This is because you want to attract people in your locality and provide the necessary information. When you work on your SEO with geotagging, you have a high chance of appearing at the top of the SERPs, which means those who need your products or services can easily see you.


Geotagging helps you pinpoint your target audience. You can combine all the critical information in a single area and your image, thus improving your SEO efforts. Here’s how:


SEO Brisbane – Today, users can conduct an image search on search engines. Those images that have been geotagged will show up on the local search pages, making this technique quite vital. If you are not geotagging your images, your business and website will not come up with these image searches.   


How to Add Geotagging Data to Your Images

SEO Brisbane – One of the easiest methods to make sure all your photos have geotagging to use GPS-enabled devices. These devices work perfectly with geotagging because it is part of their default settings. When you take a picture, the location and the GPS coordinates will be embedded automatically. When you upload the image to your web pages and add additional details for the alt-text and image filename, this will help your SEO progress. 


SEO Brisbane – If you use a professional photographer’s services for the images you use on your website, most likely, the photos will have embed geotagging information. The photographer can add this information with the use of editing software. In case your professional photographer does not geotag by default, it is still possible to add geotagging later using the right software. If you have older images that you want to use on your content and website, you may edit the image to add geotag manually. 


Where Do You Put Your Geotagged Images?

To ensure success with your geotagging SEO efforts, you must put them in the right places on your website. These are on your:


Home page

Blog posts

Location page

Contact Us page


Considering that repetition helps to SEO geotagging, you may add an image with metadata to every post or page on your website to obtain the desired results on the search engine.  


Get Professional SEO Services

SEO Brisbane – The significant value of geotagged photos is that it allows for relevancy of the business location you are trying to optimize. When you geotag images on your website, you also give the search engines reliable and specific details about your business location. When search engines see that there is consistency in your company name, phone number, address, etc., across the web on your citation listings, this gives you relevancy. 


However, not all business owners are familiar with geotagging and have time to work on their SEO. If you think all this is complex to you, it is best to contact the SEO experts to help with your geotagging. You can dominate and get ahead of your competition if you have the best people working on your side.