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Scene Queen Tour


Scene Queen will dazzle music fans with her distinctive pop sound on tour, making sure audiences experience her show live! Get tickets today so that you don’t miss out!

Scene Queen is an electric alt-singer who creates “glorious chaos and twinkle pits” at events across the UK. Her metal-infused songs boast feminist-focused lyrics with sensuous hyperfeminine imagery woven throughout.


Bimbocore is an alternative rock genre that reclaims “girly” elements that women have been told they should forego to appear more serious. It features loud, sexy songs with heavy breakdowns and screaming. Bimbocore also blends elements from a country with metalcore music for an exciting new sound.

Hannah Collins, better known by her stage name Scene Queen, made waves in music with her debut EP, Bimbocore (2022). The record was well received and reached number 98 on the UK Album Downloads chart. Hannah writes sexy yet feminist lyrics, while her music is an imaginative blend of metalcore with alternative pop.

Her latest release, 18+, is an aggressive call out against abusers and groomers in the emo/post-hardcore scenes. It features chugging guitar riffs, sinister synths, and crushing drum beats, reaching its crescendo with an ego-melting breakdown, which will have listeners singing along! 18+ serves as the perfect preview to Hannah’s forthcoming debut album, Hot Singles in Your Area.

This song takes an honest and direct stance against cancel culture and hypocrisy, so it is no surprise that it has become one of the artist’s most-streamed tracks on Spotify, with over two million plays already! There is no sign that this trend will wane any time soon!

Hannah’s music may irritate many listeners, yet she doesn’t shy away from online hate or respond accordingly. Instead, Hannah embraces it, using it to fuel her hyper-feminine sparkle and make herself even more brilliant. Hannah has turned gigs into welcoming spaces where female and non-binary fans feel safe enough to mosh and party alongside one another.

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Feminist lyricism

Women have played a pivotal role in shaping hip-hop music’s development over time. Female rappers, in particular, have used their platform to advocate for feminism; unlike many male artists who depict women degradingly, female artists have utilized lyrical content that challenges gender stereotypes through challenging lyricism; their music also serves as an inspiration to other women fighting for equal rights in society.

Feminist Lyricism in Music requires careful examination. There are two forms of feminist lyricism found within songs: explicit and implicit. While explicit sexism is easy to detect due to being expressed directly, implicit sexism can often go undetected due to being concealed behind neutral lyrics or hidden somewhere within the music itself.

There are a number of songs from Scene Queen Tour that feature feminist undertones. While some pieces can be pretty fun, others contain profound messages that must be taken seriously – for instance, Taylor Swift’s song Mad Woman details a story where witches are being persecuted by both men and women who form patriarchies; it should definitely be included in any fan of feminist music’s playlist!

As hip-hop music has evolved over its history, female rappers have challenged its traditional portrayals. Missy Elliott’s song “Work It” galvanized black women to take control of their lives and cast her as an empowered rap goddess, an unprecedented departure from its traditional portrayals that typically depict women as sexual objects unworthy of power.

Recently, there has been an upsurge in female artists that offer fresh perspectives to music genres such as hip-hop. Artists such as Gracie Abrams and Billie Eilish use their voices to spark conversations around mental health while simultaneously empowering other women in the industry. These artists belong to a growing wave of musicians using their agents for positive change within the music industry.

Sexist music remains prevalent in pop culture, yet its prevalence is far less widespread than more overt forms of sexism. Still, many artists employing sexist language can be found. Bruno Mars’ hit “Just the Way You Are,” for instance, is widely considered to use degrading language towards women that suggests they must be perfect before men will love them, while Rico Nasty uses similar approaches when writing “Womanizer”.

Breakout single “Pink Rover”

Scene Queen’s debut single, Pink Rover, is an absolute jam that strikes hard. Hannah laces up her boots against cowardly bastards who think women are dumb and calls out any instances of sexism within alt-music circles through lyrics that can easily be chanted along. Even as an emerging artist, Scene Queen has already amassed an impressive following with their music.

Hannah Collins, more popularly known by her stage name Scene Queen, is an American singer whose musical style blends punk and metalcore influences with pop melodies and vocal distortions for an engaging listening experience. Her performances resemble other female acts like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga in terms of stage presence and charisma; Hannah can carry even crowded venues.

Her music often addresses issues related to sexuality and feminism. Her latest single, 18+, is unflinching in its criticism of abuse within the alternative music industry, and she recently talked with The Noise about making this track and what changes she hopes to see happen within it.

Her music primarily addresses the challenges associated with dating as an adolescent, but it also touches upon more severe subjects like sexism in alt-music communities like Kerrang! Bimbocore (2022), her debut EP, earned critical acclaim and even topped the UK Album Downloads Chart.

Scene Queen concerts offer a combination of alternative rock, punk, and sexy pop that will keep audiences dancing all night long. Tickets to her shows typically become available 4-6 months in advance through various ticketing platforms; you may opt for floor seats or lower level tickets nearer to the stage depending on date and location; upgrade your ticket package for VIP access as soon as you can! Tickets for Scene Queen’s tour are selling fast, so make sure you act soon to experience its magic! To find out more about them, visit their website.

Touring the UK

Scene Queen was met with an enthusiastic reception from her fans when she took to the stage, eager to experience all she had to offer. While her songs contain self-deprecating humor and show care for their fans, Scene Queen used her platform to inspire and empower women, which clearly resonated with this night’s crowd.

Her biggest hits make an early appearance, including ‘Pink Push-Up Bra’ which sends the crowd into an uproar, and “Finally Getting the Justice You Deserve” and “18+”, which address predatory behavior among certain members of the alternative music scene. 18+ was particularly effective, offering some of the loudest sing-backs during its loud and aggressive chorus featuring lyrics like “If a bitch wants to be famous, tell her write a better hook”, earning big sing-backs from audiences throughout. She makes sure to thank In Her Own Words, who helped release this track, thanking them publicly when performing as an indication of her appreciation.

Scene Queen then debuted their latest single titled ‘MILF or Man I Love Fucking,’ an energetic track about rapists and sex workers receiving what is owed them. This crowd-pleasing tune fits well with the sound of her debut EP, Bimbocore. Finally, their performance concluded with Joey Fleming joining them as an encore with their version of ‘Barbie & Ken,’ their bisexual empowerment anthem that went down well among their followers.

Scene Queen has made quite an impactful statement within alternative music, and it is easy to see why she has garnered such widespread admiration and excitement amongst fans and critics alike. With an album release planned as well as additional tour plans on the horizon, there is much anticipation surrounding Scene Queen and her future endeavors.