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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Review


Samsung has taken the rugged smartphone to a whole new level with the Galaxy XCover Pro. This device elevates the capabilities of team members by allowing them to perform multiple tasks on one device. Its rich partner ecosystem enables integration with industry-specific hardware and software. Moreover, it offers IP68 dust and water-resistant rating.

Removable battery

The removable battery is an important feature of a rugged work phone. It helps ensure uptime and can be easily replaced when the battery runs out. Although covers are targeted at professionals, consumers may also want to consider this feature. Samsung is planning to launch a new Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro, previously known as the Galaxy Xcover Pro 2. In addition, the Korean brand will also unveil the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro on July 13.

The Galaxy XCover Pro has an impressive range of features, including a removable battery. The device is dust and water resistant, with an IP68 and MIL-STD 810H rating. The device can be recharged via USB-C, and the phone features 15W fast charging.

Edge-to-edge screen

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has an edge-to-edge display, allowing you to view content in a wider variety of angles than a typical smartphone. It also has a 60Hz refresh rate. While higher refresh rates are a hallmark of top-tier smartphones, 60Hz refresh rates are adequate for job-site use. The device also features rounded corners and a small raised lip around the screen that protects it from accidental drops.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a rugged phone that works all day. Its 6.3-inch edge-to-edge screen has a 409 PPI resolution and is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Its rugged exterior is designed to endure various harsh environments but still retain a sleek, low-profile appearance. The device has a MIL-STD-810G rating, making it suitable for the toughest environments.

IP68 dust and water-resistant

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a ruggedized Android smartphone aimed at business users. It is IP68 dust and water-resistant and MIL-STD-810G-certified for durability and reliability. The IP68 certification means that the smartphone can withstand repeated drops from 1.5M. Furthermore, the device is durable enough to be cleaned under running water. This makes it a great choice for business professionals and frontline workers in industries involving harsh conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is rugged and waterproof, allowing you to use it wherever you want. With a speck of IP68 dust and a water-resistant rating, it is protected from splashes and rain for up to 1.5 meters. Furthermore, it can be cleaned under running water, making it useful even when you’re out camping. The waterproofing and dust resistance also ensure that you can use the phone wherever there’s a signal.

Glove mode

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has a feature that makes it easy to use the touchscreen while wearing gloves. This allows you to enter data faster and send messages. Alternatively, you can turn off this feature to make it less touch-sensitive. This feature works with a variety of glove types.

The XCover Pro has a 6.3-inch edge-to-edge display with Gorilla Glass 5, which makes it a sturdy, durable smartphone. The screen is also enhanced for better visibility and touch sensitivity and has a voice-to-text messaging feature that allows you to dictate text messages in real-time.

Android 10

Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro brings the rugged capabilities of a smartphone to a whole new level. Its design and versatility allow you to perform multiple tasks using just one device. Its industry-specific design, partner ecosystem, and software make it an excellent choice for professionals in the field.

The Samsung XCover Pro runs Android 10 and features Samsung’s One UI 2.0 user interface. This user interface replaces the Google defaults for Phone, Browser, and Gallery. It also has a 6.3-inch full HD display and a single firing speaker. The phone also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, a left-side smart key, a volume rocker, and a power/fingerprint sensor button.


If you are looking for a rugged phone with a high-quality design, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a great choice. It offers a stylish design, a Full HD display, and good battery life. However, it’s less durable than competitors, and the processor isn’t as powerful as other options. The price is also a downside, as it falls short of other devices in the same price range and with higher-end features.

Despite its rugged design, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro isn’t very attractive to the average person. While its design and price may not be as enticing as more expensive models, the IP68 and MIL-STD-810G-certified phones are perfect for people who work in environments with high levels of risk. It can survive drops up to 1.5 meters and even be cleaned with running water. This makes it perfect for workers in industries where regular drops are inevitable.


The Galaxy XCover Pro is an industry-specific rugged smartphone designed to raise the capabilities of team members by enabling them to perform multiple tasks on a single device. It offers industry-specific software and hardware and has a rich partner ecosystem for industry-specific integration. As a result, it is ideal for field service workers who need to use their mobile devices in tough environments.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is priced at $500. It will be available worldwide via Verizon in 2020. It has features such as a customizable side-mounted button and a built-in Walkie-Talkie.