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Recovery from Alcoholism


If you have reached the point where you have finally admitted that you are an alcoholic, you are ready to embark on the road to recovery. This is not a new addiction. But, unfortunately, it is pretty popular, given that there are an estimated 140 million alcoholics worldwide. Steps to buy ibogaine hcl online.

So there has been a significant amount of thought and experience when it comes to treating alcoholism and assisting a person in remaining sober for an extended period. In fact, over the years, I’ve met numerous people who have achieved success while not drinking for years, if ever.

Treatment options differ. Alcoholics Anonymous, abstinence-with-support 12-step program, is said to be quite successful. Medically supervised programs may be the only option for those with severe physical alcoholism, who typically use medications to wean a person off their habit and help with alcohol withdrawal. Recently, I’ve become more interested in alcohol treatment and rehab approaches that recognize that the problem with alcohol is similar to any other addiction. As a result, constant alcohol cravings could indicate that you have a severe chronic brain disease. Before you become too concerned by those harsh words, please know this is a more humane and practical approach to alcoholism and recovery. Unless you prefer the social stigma, shame, and guilt that society typically associates with the issue.

When alcoholism is viewed as a chronic brain disease, the emphasis is on how neurons and different areas of your brain create, encode, and restructure due to your alcohol cravings. So what is it about drinking that causes what appears to be permanent alcohol dependence? The answer is straightforward. Consider alcoholism as something that uses and misdirects your natural learning and survival abilities.

Psychologists, coaches, and professional educators have long recognized that emotionally powerful events are much more likely to be remembered than forgettable and mundane events. This means that all it takes to make something extremely memorable is associating solid emotions with it. For instance, recall your first kiss. When you think about it, you probably remember where you were, what music was playing, what time it was, and what both of you were wearing. Your ability to recall pleasant or unpleasant events is integral to your survival.

The subject of addictions is powerful because it stimulates the same emotion center, whether it involves alcohol, drugs, porn, or anything else. However, because it produces such a strong reaction, the likelihood of it causing neurological restructuring of the brain is significantly increased. Unfortunately, abstinence programs, as well as many medical approaches to alcohol abuse treatment, frequently fail to recognize this.

The task of all successful alcoholism treatment and recovery programs should be to respect and reward the genius within each alcoholic/addict they treat. Instead of fighting an uphill battle against this foe, they should try to tame and redirect it. Alcohol cravings typically begin with a trigger in the alcoholic’s environment. This builds anticipation of the emotional reward resulting from acting on the desire. Their goal should be to provide an emotionally charged alternative.

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