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Real Estate Broker Vs. Agent Vs. Realtor


Real estate can be complex. To ensure an easier buying or selling process, you must understand the distinctions between real estate agents and brokers. Select the best cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Brokers are licensed real estate experts who work independently or manage a brokerage to assist individuals in buying and selling real estate properties. Brokers tend to command higher salaries than agents.


Before being granted the title of a broker, real estate professionals must fulfill several qualifications, such as meeting licensing requirements and upholding a code of ethics. But these should not be your sole considerations when selecting an agent or broker to work with.

Real estate agents must have an impressive sales track record and adhere to the National Association of Realtors code of ethics, which mandates an accurate representation to clients, the public, and other real estate professionals.

Brokers boast additional credentials that set them apart, including experience, education, and a higher-level license that enables them to manage brokerages and oversee agents under their care. Most brokers have several years of experience as agents before becoming brokers themselves.

Broker associates fulfill all licensing and experience requirements associated with regular agents but work without being managed or overseen by one. These professionals often opt to freelance independently.

Licensing Requirements

Real estate brokers require a license to manage other agents’ activities. Brokers must pass a more challenging state exam than salespersons and may have higher education and experience requirements.

Brokers represent buyers or sellers – or both! In either instance, the agent typically receives a commission when the sale closes. Some brokers focus on business activities rather than actual transactions alone.

Real estate brokers are licensed professionals who oversee the day-to-day activities of real estate brokerages while overseeing other professionals involved with practicing real estate under their direction. Realtors are professionals affiliated with the National Association of Realtors who adhere to its code of ethics; however, this term should be seen more as a marketing designation than any measure of expertise or professionalism.


Real estate brokers differ from agents primarily by completing courses beyond pre-licensing for agents and passing an exam specific to broker work. Brokers usually work alone or oversee a team of agents under them. They typically handle more complex tasks, such as negotiating complex deals and legal paperwork for buying and selling properties.

Real estate agents and brokers both receive commissions on the sale of homes. Agents usually split their commission with their brokerage, while brokers may negotiate higher commission rates with their clients.

Some brokers also act as agents, assisting clients with the transaction agent will still abide by NAR’s code of ethics; Principal/designated brokers supervise agents and broker associates to ensure compliance with state and national laws; typically, these principal/established brokers will be members of NAR; other brokerages operate independently.

Career Opportunities

Real estate offers agents many growth opportunities. An agent who has achieved broker status may become the managing broker of their brokerage firm and oversee both her agents and any new hires who join her firm.

An individual with a real estate license may opt to establish their brokerage firm and hire other brokers and Realtors as necessary to assist in selling properties.

Home buyers should exercise care when selecting their real estate agent or broker. While titles such as Realtor or broker may be helpful, buyers must prioritize criteria like local market knowledge, experience, and recent client satisfaction as essential considerations when making this critical decision and considering education levels and membership associations when making this selection. Working with a reputable agent or broker will provide a smooth home-purchasing experience!

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