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Pour Moi Skincare Reviews


If you’re looking for a skincare brand with high-quality products, you’ll want to check out Pour Moi Skincare Reviews. This skincare line has won numerous awards from dermatologists, and its products have a 5-star rating from many customers. The products are also delivered quickly, and clients are pleased with the quality.

Citrus Fruit Extract

Pour Moi Skincare uses citrus fruit extract as an active ingredient. The citrus fruit extract is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that can exfoliate your skin and help it look younger. This ingredient is also used to help balance the pH level of your skin. Coconut oil is also used in Pour Moi products. It has excellent emollient properties and is known for being gentle on the skin.

This organic compound helps moisturize skin, acts as a humectant, and has antibacterial properties. Pour Moi skincare products also contain oxybenzone, an organic compound derived from glycerin. It also acts as a natural preservative and is free of parabens. In addition, it has a low irritant effect and is widely approved for use in water-based cosmetics.

Retinol palmitate

Pour Moi Skincare contains retinyl palmitate, a popular ingredient in many skincare products. This ingredient can help improve skin texture and tone. It also boosts antioxidant protection and can help diminish the signs of ageing. This ingredient is extracted from citrus fruits and is commonly added to skin care products in small amounts. It is also used in higher concentrations as an AHA. However, you should know that you should only use retinol palmitate in moderation.

This ingredient may cause skin lesions or tumours, mainly when used with UV exposure. Although the National Toxicology Program (NTP) has not yet released the results of its studies, it is a concern that the ingredient can speed up the growth of cancerous lesions in animals. Additionally, skin tumours can increase if exposed to excessive amounts of retinyl palmitate.

Hydrating Balancer

Regarding skincare, the Pour Moi Hydrating Balancer is one of the most effective moisturizers on the market. Its unique formula combines emollients and humectants to increase the skin’s moisture content. The humectants attract and hold water molecules in the upper layer of the skin, and the emollients help the skin retain moisture. In addition to these properties, the moisturizer contains hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, softening the skin surface and relieving tightness.

Pour Moi Hydrating Balancer is recommended to use after cleansing the skin. It should be applied with a cotton pad. Depending on your skin type, you can follow up with the White Serum or Black Serum. The ingredients of these products are tested for purity and performance, ensuring that they are safe and effective. Furthermore, all Pour Moi products are cruelty-free.

Climate-Smart Day Cream

Pour Moi Climate-Smart Day Cream is formulated to protect your skin from harsh climates. The encapsulated vitamins boost the skin’s natural defence and repair system. It also contains novel French water active, derived from nourishing plant water and mineral-rich ocean spring water, from helping build a long-lasting water reservoir within your skin. The cream only requires a few drops for optimum skin care.

The Climate-Smart Day Cream has been given a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its unique formula. Rather than targeting one particular climate, it is developed to correspond with the climate of the consumer. The company offers three different versions of the product, each corresponding to a different season. This way, consumers can find a product that matches their climate and still get great results.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your Pour Moi Skincare purchase, you can still get your money back. The website offers many different ways to get cashback. The best way is by using a cashback website. These sites feature cashback offers from thousands of popular retailers. Some cashback websites offer free membership or welcome money to get you started.

After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. The cashback site will process your payment once you have authorized it. It will take between two and four days for the cashback to process. Once your payment has been processed, the cashback website will send you your cash.