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Nike Quarter Zip Pullover


Whether you’re a Golfer or an Athlete, the Nike Quarter-Zip pullover is a great choice to add style to your outfit. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a casual, comfortable piece that will keep you warm during the winter. And if you’re a fan of the Dri-FIT technology, you’ll be happy to know that the Nike quarter zip is built to be extra breathable.

Dri-FIT pullover

The Nike Dri-FIT quarter zip pullover jacket is an ideal addition to your athletic wardrobe. This lightweight piece is perfect for team sports or keeping warm in the fall. It features a reverse coil zipper and a boldly striped inner collar for an added edge.

The Dri-FIT fabric can quickly absorb sweat from your body, keeping you cool and dry. This is accomplished by a process called body mapping. With the help of proprietary technology, the fabric is woven to align with the contours of your body. These minute gaps between the microfiber stands allow the moisture to spread to the garment’s surface.

The Dri-FIT fabric is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. Polyester makes the material hydrophobic and repels moisture better than other fabrics. A cotton is also a good option for sweat-wicking. However, it is not the best choice for activities involving high intensity.

Polo quarter-zip pullover

A Nike Golf Dri-FIT Lightweight Quarter-Zip Pullover is what it is. Well-crafted polyester fabric abounds in this mid-range widget, which is a good thing. The aforementioned hefty price tag might turn off a first-time customer, but this polo will prove itself worthy in no time. You can’t go wrong with a new Nike golf shirt for your golfing needs. Its snazzy swoosh is sure to make the scoreboard cheer in no time. In the words of one of our customers: “The polo is a perfect fit!” Fortunately, it comes in a variety of colors. This slick-looking polo is a notch above the competition in style and function. Its most impressive features include a sleeveless design, open cuffs, and many pockets to hold golf clubs and other paraphernalia. Featuring many eminently functional features, this is one shirt you won’t mind leaving behind in a rush.